20 Of The Most Terrifying Accounts Of Sleep Paralysis Ever Recorded

Scott Robinson

1. Can’t Wake Up

When I was in the army I was sleeping in the top bunk when I had sleep paralysis, first I hallucinated seeing my buddy come in the room looking for me, approaching the bed and looking at me while his face slowly turned weirdly evil with long teeth, then hands came up from around the bed and started grabbing me. I was awake the whole time with my eyes open but couldn’t move or speak. I was trying to scream “wake me up” because there were other people in the room when it happened. Eventually, they heard me mumbling and woke me up. One of the scariest things that ever happened to me.


2. The Old Lady

I had the classic (I think) sleep paralysis hallucination. Was in a fuzzy state, believing I was awake. A shadow in a corner of my room started moving and an old lady got closer to me. First, her hands crawled up my legs and then she climbed on the bed and on my torso. I couldn’t breathe and my arms were locked on each side of my body. Worst sleep experience I ever had. Even worse than when my cat passed out after headbutting my bedroom door, waking me in the middle of the night.


3. A Creeping Horror

Happened a few years ago, when I was sharing a hotel room with my sister and my parents. I ‘woke up’ and was fixed laying on my back, hallucinating seeing this small woman climb from the foot of the bed up upon me. I can picture it so clearly to this day: short spiky hair slightly obscuring her face which was in shadow from the dark room. She had this demonic grin on her face as she crawled over me and put her face right in front of my face. I was desperately trying to scream to wake my family up who I could see lying peacefully asleep around me. A horrifying experience that happens once every couple of years.


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