16 People Share Real-Life Encounters With Notorious Serial Killers

Found on AskReddit.


Charles Manson (California Department of Corrections)

“My mother ran with Charles Manson for a little bit. She’s kind of crazy so she got taken up in his charming personality and his passionate words. He was young and energetic. The hippie movement was in full swing and that was really appealing with people like my mother. I honestly don’t know why she ended up splitting from the group. I’d like to think it was that she caught a vibe of what was to come but more likely than not she just couldn’t afford the bus ticket to get back to the group after a trip home.”



Jeffrey Dahmer (Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department)

“My co-worker was working with Jeffrey Dahmer at the Ambrosia factory when he was arrested. (Third shift, by the way.)

He likes to tell the story about the news report. There was a dude at the plant who freaked everyone out. He didn’t talk and nobody talked to him. Let’s call him Matt. One day, news breaks that someone from the plant was arrested as a suspect in the serial killer case. When the employees arrive that night, they’re all waiting for everyone to get there, so they can talk about it. To their surprise, Matt comes walking in the door. None of them expected it to be Jeff.”



Tex Watson (California Department of Corrections)

“My mom dated Tex Watson from the Manson family. They went to the same university (North Texas State in Denton, TX). She announced it in passing as if it were common knowledge while we were watching some documentary and Roman Polanski’s name came up, to which she nonchalantly said something along the lines of ‘my ex-boyfriend murdered his wife,’ causing me to inquire further after picking my jaw up off the floor. Apparently their relationship was pretty short-lived and he was ‘good looking and fairly normal.’”


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