16 Gut-Wrenching Murder Cases That Remain Unsolved To This Day

1. Jack The Ripper Was Jose Rizal

the “From Hell” letter via Wikipedia

Jack the Ripper. To make it creepier, there is an urban legend that tells about how my country’s (Philippines) national hero, Jose Rizal is/was Jack the Ripper.

There were similarities about the two, first of their name initials – Jack the Ripper and Jose Rizal. The Ripper killing victims were cut up as if a doctor did it — Jose Rizal was a doctor. Jose Rizal was in London when the Jack the Ripper killings started, and during that time, Jose Rizal didn’t have a single entry about his stay in London. And guess what, when Jose Rizal left London, the Jack the Ripper killings also stopped.

He actually traveled all over the world, working as a freemason to study about the Western countries and try to air out the situation of the Philippines. All of his travels, he always had diary entries about them — except for London.


2. The Patterson House Disappearance

A lesser known case, The Patterson House.

Couple vanishes without a trace: breakfast is left untouched on the table, their pet is left to fend for itself, suitcases left at the door like they were ready to leave, car in the garage, no signs of struggle or forced entry. Many theories accompany this story, many suggesting they were spies, but no one knows for sure.

Where are Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Patterson?
Why did they disappear like magic from their home at 3000 Piedmont Avenue the night of March 5?
Did they leave voluntarily? By ruse or trick? By compulsion, under threat of instant death if they didn’t go?
If they left voluntarily, what was the reason?
If they left by force or threat, who forced or threatened them?
And if they disappeared by force or threat, what was the motive of the person or persons guilty of the force or threat? Robbery? Extortion? A desire to keep the Pattersons from telling something they knew?


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