13 Night Drivers Share The Most Messed Up Thing They’ve Ever Seen On The Road

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1. The Woman in White

I work nights and one day I forgot my lunch at home. I didn’t have money to spend so I decided to go home on my lunch hour and eat my sandwich on the way back. I was in a hurry so I took the back roads. At about half way there as I was speeding and noticed a woman in a white night dress without shoes standing in the road in the other lane. I slowed down as I passed her thinking she was probably drunk and didn’t want her to jump out in front of me or anything like that. It wasn’t till later as I was on my way back that I started to think how odd it was. Why would someone be in the middle of the road in their bare feet at 2:30 am? But I just reassure myself that the woman was probably just drunk.


2. Lost In The Dark

Haven’t posted here in a million years, but this seems like a good place to tell this story. A couple of friends and I drove into a horror movie once, on accident.

It was either late November or early December, and about five or six years ago. I was deeply religious at the time, and we were headed to one of those “living nativity” things, where they have actors pretend to be the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the wise men, etc. and they kind of put on a show outdoors. It was held at a Christian campground outside of a nearby city, and we didn’t know the area very well, so we had someone give us directions. This was winter in the US, so it was already getting dark when we set out.

We got to the area just fine, but we forgot the name of the exit we were supposed to take to actually reach the grounds. Luckily, the campgrounds had a big sign right next to an exit, so we assumed this was the way to go. We took this road and thought nothing of it. Crisis averted.

The city the campgrounds are next to is actually pretty large, and the exit we took is very close to a shopping district, so it wasn’t like we started in the middle of nowhere, but very abruptly this exit turned from civilization to deep woods. We thought, well, it’s a campground, so that’s about right, and we kept driving.

Pretty soon we passed a clearing on the right. The clearing was maybe 50ft, and then woods again, and at the very edge of the woods (it wasn’t full night yet, so you could still see) was this HUGE stone gate, with wrought-iron doors. It looked like a cemetery gate, but it didn’t lead to a path or anything, just trees. Had no fence around it either, just the gate. We kept going, remarking to each other that it was kind of creepy, but still, we didn’t think much of it. It was starting to get foggy, at this point. I feel like maybe I should point out that despite it being winter, it wasn’t that cold and there wasn’t any snow. A little while later, we came to some houses. This is where things got weird.

The first house was just a standard white suburban house, but in the driveway, which was very short, was a van with all the doors open. The hazard lights were on, too, like the car was on, but nobody was in it or around it. The house was completely dark.

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