It Sucks To Be A Man: 66 Guys Explain Why

41. We have no advocacy organizations.

“Women have organizations that fight for them. They have massive movements, and they’re allowed to have a voice without being told to shut up and stop complaining. Feminism is largely viewed as a good thing for the world, even when a large portion of it is dedicated to blaming men for their problems. Meanwhile, when men speak up and point out double standards, inequity in the legal system, or any of their problems, it’s either dismissed as whining or attacked as being misogynist, whether or not it has anything to do with women. The men’s rights movement is the closest thing that men have to feminism, but it doesn’t propose taking anything from women. It only seeks to give men the same rights that women already have. Even so, MRAs are almost universally reviled by the general public. Men have no recourse for their problems, and those problems aren’t even acknowledged to exist in the first place, even by other men.”


42. We are the vast majority of the homeless population.

“I’ll never complain about being a man physically, but there are so many dickered social standards in the US:
• Harsher sentencing in court. Judges and cops alike tend to favor women.
• Male prisoners are a massive labor force in the US. Slavery is alive and well.
• Near impossible to get custody of kids after a divorce. Many men are forced to pay out child support to unstable exes.
• Vast majority of the homeless population is male. See the point above.
• No say in abortion decisions. Woman can have the child or abort the child without any input from the man, either way affecting his life forever.
• Difficult to show affection to other people (especially women and children) without it being assumed sexual in nature.
• Can’t deny sex from a woman without social ramifications.
• Can’t walk behind a woman without an awareness she is probably scared
• Can’t openly speak about men’s issues without being belittled as a global oppressor bitching about his first world problems
• Domestic abuse or rape complaints not taken seriously
• Defending yourself against female assaulter[s] is pretty much guaranteed to bring on an army of suddenly violent white knights
• Collectively blamed for every global issue imaginable
• Responsible for initiating conversation with a woman of romantic interest but subject to all forms of ridicule abuse when the interest is not mutual (to those ladies who have made a point to handle this gracefully, thank you)
• Less likely to get admitted to college, all else being equal to a female competitor
• Less likely to be hired for a knowledge work job, all else being equal to a female competitor
• Initiating conversation is almost always seen as an attempt at getting a date.
Pretty much all soldiers are men (not that I would change this, but I hear war sucks)
• Women complain if you aren’t sensitive, but will dump you or worse if you’re too soft
• Women can retroactively retract sexual consent which can lead to rape/sexual-assault charges
• Rape accusations never really go away. I think all rape allegations should be taken seriously, but there should be very harsh punishments when the accuser is ousted as a fraud.
• Male specific charities and scholarships are underfunded or simply shut down, e.g. homeless shelters, cancer research, etc.
• Perfectly okay to mutilate an infant male’s genitalia
• If you don’t concede that you are a feminist to a person that poses the question, cover your ears.
• Women absolutely have issues in society, but they are not of the same magnitude as they used to be, and few of them are independent to women. Yes, males tend to have the upper hand physically, and some males use that to abuse females (much more common to abuse smaller males, but no one cares). Biological secondary sex traits aren’t a cultural or legal issue though. Feminism doesn’t prevent this abuse from happening. I don’t know how to prevent rape other than by avoiding rapists. Life is complex and the world is scary, but that’s not a gender issue. I will say that a group of women loudly proclaiming my sexual desirability, or even complimenting my clothing choices, would totally ruin my week…. Straight to Tumblr to document this oppression!
• Real men’s issues are largely ignored, and it really seems that Feminism is fighting tooth and nail to remain a thing by inventing shit to complain about. I will say that feminism was pretty badass back in the day. Women can now vote and leave the house to work if they want to. Who makes the home and changes the diapers shouldn’t be decided by gender (although if one parent doesn’t, the other probably should). That’s great, job well done. That’s it though, the job is done. We now have equal rights, as far as the law is concerned. Time to wrap it up ladies (and brainwashed men).
• The focus on social justice is almost entirely irrelevant in modern, western society from a feminist standpoint. Feminism: Cancer Edition is crying about patriarchy in the West, and this entire thread will probably be locked because you can’t even talk about men’s issues without being labeled a misogynist.
• I’m sorry, but if your political platform consists of eliminating mansplaining, manspreading, manterruption, microaggressions, and coaxing more women into certain careers simply because they are women, then you’re only going to be taken seriously by the teenagers you indoctrinate on college campuses.
Also, what’s with all this sweating?”



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