It Sucks To Be A Man: 66 Guys Explain Why

36. We have to tiptoe around every single conversation or interaction with a female in case they get ‘offended.’

“Having to tiptoe around every single conversation or interaction with a female in case they get ‘offended.’ I was once called into my boss’ office for asking the new girl if she’d like to join us for work drinks this weekend (as a big group of us were going out that Friday night) who told me in the break room that she ‘doesn’t know many people here and doesn’t know how to talk to anyone.’ I thought asking her to or planned works drinks that weekend would be a perfect opportunity to get to know more people at our work. Nope, she felt very uncomfortable and had a word to my boss.”


37. We’re expected to follow old rules of chivalry despite all the rhetoric about ‘equality.’

“The building I work in (35 story, downtown high rise) has an unwritten set of rules/elevator etiquette where, as a man, I have to let all the women on the elevator first, regardless of who got there first. Not a big deal, except that there is another unwritten rule where I have to let them off first as well.
How am I supposed to be the last one on the elevator, then through some miracle of shuffling in a crowded elevator do I also let you off first??? This causes many awkward moments for me…”


38. We’re exposed to genital mutilation at birth.

“Society is not only ok with your parents/religious leaders cutting parts of your dick off, but many prefer it.”


39. We’re expected to be stoic but sensitive at the same time.

“The double-edged sword of being expected to keep yourself calm, collected and essentially emotionless during seemingly difficult times, while simultaneously expected to be sensitive, loving and caring.”


40. We get harsher prison sentences for the same crimes.

“We are viewed as expendable. We are not allowed alone with kids, because we are all suspected pedos. We are all rapists until proven otherwise. We can very easily get our kids taken away in divorce. We get harsher sentences. We are supposed to ignore and/or accept it when women hit you. We can apparently not get raped or sexually harassed.”



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