It Sucks To Be A Man: 66 Guys Explain Why

61. We get bullied by women, and no one cares..

“I used to get bulled by a group of girls in middle school. They used to jump me, knock stuff out of my hands whenever they saw me, pants me at lunch, etc.
I didn’t have any friends at the time to make things worse lol. They always tried to pressure me to hit them back or fight back. I didn’t no matter what because morals. No one bothered to stop them, and when I reached out teachers didn’t give a shit. They stopped when one day I wore a T shirt and they noticed all the bruises I had on my arms from getting jumped
I picked up MMA in high school and when people got word of that, nobody fucked with me.”


62. We’re more likely to get arrested and convicted for the same crime.

“• More likely to get arrested and convicted for the same crime.
• More likely to get a harsher sentence for the same crime.
• More likely to lose child custody battles.
• No paternal rights outside of marriage, despite paternal obligations.
• Expected to be physically strong and not shy away from hard labor.
• Expected to be chivalrous, giving up convenience and comfort for others, particularly women.
• Ridiculed/emasculated if shown to be emotional (excluding anger/rage).
• Usually obligated to make the first move in a romantic situation (must ‘pick up on signals,’ girl can play coy while the man is expected to be the one to go out on a limb and suffer humiliating rejection).
• Still a larger expectation on men to earn money and provide for the family.
• Seen as pedophiles if showing interest in children or simply in the vicinity of children.
• Male rape is a laughing matter for most.
• Paid paternity leave isn’t very common.
• Apparently, we have shorter life expectancies.
• Military drafts typically only apply to us.
• ‘Women and children first!’
• Lower tips in service jobs.
• Less opportunity to benefit from sex appeal and/or looks.
• Men’s restrooms typically have less privacy (side-by-side urinals, maybe with minimal dividers)
• Higher suicide rates”


63. We’re more likely to be arrested than our abuser if we call the cops.

men more likely to be arrested than their abuser if they call the cops


64. We are either invisible, expendable, a threat, or a wallet.

“I am either invisible, expendable, a threat, or a wallet.”



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