8 Super Creepy Aspects Of Prince’s Death That Almost No One Ever Talks About

3. Prince’s Painkillers Were Possibly Falsely Labeled

Fentanyl is cheap and easy to make. It’s also incredibly potent and often found in counterfeit opioids. A dose of fentanyl the size of three grains of sand is actually enough to kill a person. There’s also a huge black market for the stuff where it’s sold as hydrocodone or other opioids because the effects are similar and it’s far cheaper to make or acquire.

According to the toxicology report on Prince’s death, he had fentanyl in his bloodstream at the time of his death, however, investigators don’t believe Prince knew that he was taking this drug, what many people in the field of toxicology refer to as a “kill pill.” It’s far more likely that Prince believed he was taking hydrocodone.

Add to this the fact that fentanyl is cheap and easy to obtain on the dark web and many believe that Prince’s drug addiction served as a delivery method for Prince’s assassination to keep him from talking about government mind control experiments that some believe has been going on for decades.

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