50 People Describe The Most ‘Redneck’ Thing They’ve Ever Done

41. Used a PA speaker as a truck horn.

“My truck growing up didn’t have a functioning horn.

So I purchased a CB radio with a PA speaker out and mounted a PA horn under the hood of my truck.

When I needed to beep my horn like because someone wasn’t paying attention at a traffic light, I’d just yell ‘BEEP BEEP’ really loudly into the microphone.

If the person had their windows down I would just yell ‘THE LIGHT IS GREEN’ and watch them internally freak out a little

All in all, it was way better than having a working horn.”


42. Tailgated in a Lowe’s parking lot.

“I’ve tailgated in a Lowe’s parking lot. Just because. A few friends and I broke out the mini-grill and cooler and just hung out for a while. Cops didn’t show up so 10/10 would do it again.”


43. Met up with someone on an old mining road to fight.

“There was the entertainment center made of old crates. Strung some blue LED’s in it just because I had some lying around.

There was the drunken homemade napalm incident.

I have in fact slept in the bed of a truck. On more than one occasion.

I have yelled ‘Git on outta here!’ at animals before—many times, actually.

Drove a truck that had only a single working gauge, the tachometer. Engine wise it was a Frankenstein, several different shade tree mechanics had conspired to give it the semblance of life.

Met up with someone on an old mining road to fight.

Duck-hunted out of a boat that had duct tape sealing a few decent sized holes.

I mean, I grew up in Arkansas, so the list goes on and on.”


44. Threw rocks at black bears.

“Driving my pickup down to the dump, drink beer, and throw rocks at the black bears. One would occasionally get mad enough to run up the slope at the edge of the dump at us, and straight into the chain link fence before bouncing off and falling back down into the garbage heaps. One of my friends always threatened that he’d take a file and weaken the links…”


45. Swatted at pumpkins with a shovel.

“So bored we invented a game called ‘Shovelball’ in which we pitched a pumpkin to a person and they hit it with a shovel. Later we added more rules and used a basketball.”


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