50 People Describe The Most ‘Redneck’ Thing They’ve Ever Done

35. I own 12 cars (13 after this weekend!) One is registered.

“Own 12 cars (13 after this weekend!) One is registered. With a battery and fuel, only three of the remaining cars will drive.”


36. Shooting water moccasins from the balcony with a .22.

“Shooting water moccasins from the balcony with a .22 when the flood starts to recede back in to the creek.”


37. Shooting used oil filters across with highway with a giant snow-blower.

“My grandfather and I would shoot used oil filters across the highway by launching them through this giant snow-blower he had.”


38. Peed and fished at the same time while drunk.

“Got super-drunk fishing one day at the beach so I just laid half in the surf so I could pee and fish at the same time.”


39. Shot walnuts out of trees using a Daisy air rifle.

“Picnic at Grandma’s.

My cousin and I decided to shoot walnuts out of the trees over the picnic tables with my Daisy air rifle.

Dad and Uncles take this act of aggression as a challenge, and join in.

Competition and flexing grows in a drunken mix of sibling rivalry, seniority, and dominance.

Grandpa emerges from the house with a shotgun, not to be outdone.

Dad, uncles, and two nephews fall back to the driveway and collect their own shotguns from their trucks, as Grandpa’s overzealous action is interpreted as permission and encouragement to follow suit.

One elderly person, four grown-ass men, two adolescents, and two children, spanning four generations, are now armed and firing upon walnuts hanging defenseless in the trees shading the picnic, yelling celebratory war cries like Wehrmacht soldiers shooting paratroopers from the skies.

Welcome to the Midwest.”


40. Drove to the store using a milk crate as a seat in my truck.

“Just drove to the store using a milk crate as a seat in my truck. I had taken out the seats and carpet to pressure wash yesterday. Got some interesting looks. Also, incredibly fucking dangerous.”


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