50 People Describe The Most ‘Redneck’ Thing They’ve Ever Done

21. Nails, hammers, and beer.

“One of many things but one of my favorite drinking games ‘stump.’ Start with a stump and a nail set in the stump for each player. Everyone takes turns tossing the hammer in the air, however you catch it is how you have to hold it to knock other players nails in before yours gets knocked in. If your nail gets hit you take a drink, if it gets fully knocked in you finish your beer. If the hammer flips twice in the air on your toss you get to take two stabs at hitting a nail. That’s typically when the fun starts. Lots of beer and people tossing hammers typically in the dark. There have been incidents.”


22. New TV on top of broken old TV.

“New TV on top of broken old TV.”


23. Cooking roadkill.

“I’ve hung and dried tobacco, bootlegged, and assisted in cooking dead animals found along the road.”


24. Went muddin’.

“Went muddin’. Watched my girlfriend pull down her cut off shorts and squat down next to the truck to pee. Drank Natty light. I’m not white.”


25. Smashed a possum on my principal’s mailbox at 80MPH.

“Not proud of it, but it happened nevertheless. My friends used to smash our principal’s mailbox with a baseball bat while riding past in a truck, well I guess he got sick of it and built a brick casing around his mailbox. We were trying to figure out how we were going to fuck with it and one of my friends said, ‘I hit a possum earlier today, we should hit his mailbox with that!’ So we go back to his street and sure enough, the possum was still there. So we grabbed it and at about two in the morning we sped past our principal’s mailbox with the dead possum flailing out of the window (my friend holding it by the tail) and smashed the ever loving shit out of this mail box, it was probably at about 80 MPH. The impact was so loud it sounded like a gunshot. My friend leans back in the truck still holding the damn thing’s tail with no possum at the end of it. And that is the most fucked up, stupid, redneck thing I’ve ever been a part of.”


26. Tubing with a jug of chokeberry wine.

“Floated down the Comal [River] in an inner tube with a jug of homemade chokeberry wine dragging behind on a rope, while wearing Levi’s cut-offs.”


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