41 People Confess The Secret They’ll NEVER Tell Their Significant Other

27. I’m attracted to women twice her age.

“That I’m attracted to women twice her age.”


28. I was sexually assaulted.

“That I was sexually assaulted. Not something that comes up in everyday conversation, and something that is especially hard to reveal to someone you are currently engaged in a sexual relationship with. Always a fear that they will somehow see you differently. I was only able to admit it to my ex after we broke up.”


29. I stalk his ex on social media.

“I stalk his ex on social media and have no idea why.”


30. I don’t need sex.

“That sex is not something I want or feel I need. I love him. He’s attractive. I enjoy the intimacy but not the actual act. It’s not him. I often just feel… not sexual. I could take it or leave it but it means so much to him (understandably so).”


31. I don’t like crowds of people.

“I don’t like crowds of people. But when he wants to go mingle at a party or gathering I keep the fact that I wish I was anywhere else to myself.”


32. I have a gambling addiction.

“I have a gambling addiction. We don’t yet live together and it so far has no effect on her. I’m doing my best to break it before it becomes a problem for both of us.”


33. I still smoke pot.

“That I smoke pot even after I said I quit a few years ago, I know it’s no big deal in this day, but it is to her.”


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