41 People Confess The Secret They’ll NEVER Tell Their Significant Other

16. I was the one who ate her leftovers.

“One time I ate her leftovers and when she asked if I knew where they went I said no. I still feel guilt about it to this day.”


17. I masturbate a lot.

“How much I masturbate. He thinks it’s like a few times a month — a conclusion he came to on his own and I never corrected. It’s really a few times a week.”


18. I am an atheist.

“She was religious, I pretended to be religious, too. I am an atheist.”


19. I still smoke cigarettes.

“If I’m away for whatever reason I will have a few cigs. She thinks I quit years ago but all I want is to smoke, endlessly. Like that episode of friends where chandler smokes a carton.”


20. I have $100k in a secret, separate account.

“I have $100k in a secret, separate account not to hide it from her but to be the hero if we ever need it in an emergency.”


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