41 People Confess The Secret They’ll NEVER Tell Their Significant Other

6. I don’t love him anymore.

“That I don’t love him anymore.”


7. I think it’s time to break up.

“That I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways because we are not right for each other.”


8. I feel unappreciated and unloved a lot of the time.

“How unappreciated and unloved I feel a lot of the time.”


9. I think he’s boring.

“That I think he’s boring…I’m pushing him more to go out and meet new people and find hobbies he’s interested in, also for the sake of his mental health, but I just really don’t want to be the only person coming up with ideas for activities or having friends to meet up with.”


10. I’ve become a closet alcoholic in response to her alcoholism.

“That I’ve become a closet alcoholic due to the stress caused by a) her losing her job because of her own alcoholism and leaving me the sole burden of keeping a roof over our heads and b) helping her maintain her sobriety. The irony is crushing me.”


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