37 Guys Describe The One Thing That Will Make Them Instantly Lose Interest In A Girl

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Found on AskReddit.

1. If she smokes, it’s an instant turnoff for me.

“If she smokes, it’s an instant turnoff for me.” My dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, and most of my aunts/uncles smoke (or smoked…) and I can’t stand the shit anymore.

A party girl is a turnoff for me too. I don’t drink anymore for several reasons and I’m done dealing with that lifestyle from anybody. I don’t care if you drink a bit, but I’m not going out to bars etc. and partying with you while you get shitfaced 5 days a week.”


2. Playing hard to get.

“Playing hard to get or acting uninterested. I’m 30, I don’t have time to keep courting you to see if you come around. If you’re not clearly in to me on the first date there won’t be a second.”


3. Seeming uninterested.

“Seeming uninterested or just plain bored of things I like to do.”


4. She says or does things to ‘test the relationship.’

“She says or does things to ‘test the relationship’ or ‘see how I would react.’

Easy, I leave or state ‘You should go’ if at my house.”



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