32 People Describe Their Super-Creepy Neighbor

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Found on AskReddit.

1. He threatened to kill my dad because our pet rabbit was being too loud.

“When I was seven, our next-door neighbor came pounding on our front door to scream at and threaten to kill my dad because our pet that we kept in our backyard was being too loud. The pet was a rabbit. A rabbit.”


2. I put pansies on my front stoop, and she called the cops and told them that I was growing opium poppies.

“The neighbor I live next to right now. Middle-aged woman with two small kids.

I put pansies on my front stoop, and she called the cops and told them that I was growing opium poppies.

Another time, while paying the pizza delivery man (he had to restart his debit machine so he was standing there a good minute or so), she ran into my lawn screaming, ‘SIR? ARE YOU ALRIGHT? IS THIS WOMAN HOLDING YOU HOSTAGE? DO YOU NEED HELP? SIR?’”

I hate her.”


3. My aunt comes into our house in the wee hours of the morning and steals the stupidest shit.

“Ah my time has come! So my aunt lives next door to us. Which would be all fine and dandy, but she’s a sociopath. The house we live in was hers and my father’s growing up, and we (dad mom brother me) moved in with my grandmother ~10 years ago. My aunt would come get my Nan’s keys to ‘fill her car with gas’ and copy the house key. My aunt would then come into our house in the wee hours of the morning, and steal the stupidest shit. We didn’t notice for a while, but then our new shampoo bottles would be empty suddenly, our paper towels and toilet paper would be gone, our food, silverware, and cups would be gone. Then, my mom’s jewelry would be on the stairs coming down from the bedrooms, like it was dropped on the way out. One morning, I was wide awake around 2:30am for some reason, and I heard what I assumed was one of my parents coming upstairs, going in their bedroom across the hall, then a few minutes later going back downstairs. The dog’s tail was wagging and hitting the floor so I wasn’t scared until the next morning when my parents asked if I was up late that night and came in their room. The thing was, she didn’t sneak up or tiptoe or anything- straight up stomped up the stairs and down the hall. She had done this many times, and my dog was used to her coming and was the shittiest guard dog ever. We then changed the locks, and put a special coded door for the staircase. Since she couldn’t go upstairs to watch us sleep anymore, she would come around 5-6 in the morning, just before my mom and I got up for school. Our alarms would go off at 5:45am on the weekdays, and we would hear the front door slam shut and if we ran to the windows we would see her going back to her house. We changed the locks again, and the night visits seemed to stop. I could go on with more fucked up shit she did to us but this is long enough.”


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