30 Men Share Their Harrowing Stories Of Being Raped By Women

12. Woke up to her tugging and sucking on my dick.

“A good friend of mine’s wife used to hit on me a lot. We were all old friends from school and I never really told her off, just kind of laughed it off since she’d do it in front of my wife and her husband. We had a party at their house one night, I passed out watching Anchorman. Woke up sometime later (movie was still on, so not too much later) to her tugging and sucking on my dick.

I asked what she was doing, she just looked at me. I rolled away, zipped up, went to the bathroom. Did that thing you sometimes do when you’re drunk where you talk to yourself mentally while looking in the mirror (maybe that’s just me?). Went back out to the living room, she had retired to her bedroom and I laid on the couch until our friends returned from a liquor run. I stuck close to my buddy who I’d gone out there with, we both slept out in the living room. Told him what had happened on the way home. Not sure he believed me, which kind of sucked. Tearfully told my wife about it once I got home, not sure she believed me, either.

She posts on Facebook that morning: ‘I’ll keep you my dirty little secret.’

Fast-forward a few months, her husband knows. Her sister knows. Everybody in our circle knows, because she told them. Of course, she painted a different picture and it’s now my word against hers (‘and she’s a mother, you guys, why would she lie?’). Her sister punched me in the face when I said it didn’t go down that way and that I’m pretty sure what actually happened could be considered rape.

I don’t hang out with those people anymore. I’m not married to that wife anymore. I never see my friend (whose wife was responsible) anymore. I lost kind of a lot over that because ‘girls can’t rape boys.’

Fuck you. You deserve every bit of bad hand you’ve been dealt.”


13. He said he walked in and saw this girl riding on my lifeless body with my eyes closed and my head bobbing back and forth.

“I lived in a house with some guys in college and I had a bad habit of falling asleep in the common area on the couch when I was drunk instead of going to my bed. After going out with my roommates one night a few people came back to our house to continue drinking. I blacked out and my friends helped me onto the couch so they could keep an eye on me and put a trash can next to me. There was a girl there that was friends with some of the girls we hung out with all night. She was very flirtatious with the guys there, but none of us were attracted to her. I passed out and after everyone went to their beds I was still alone on the couch. My friend passed through the common area at about 4 am to get some water from the kitchen. He said he walked in and saw this girl riding on my lifeless body with my eyes closed and my head bobbing back and forth. It took him a few days to build up the courage to tell me but I’m glad he did. It was kind of a joke at first but later on I started to realize that I actually had been raped. Kinda fucked-up that it gets downplayed for men so much.”



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