30 Men Share Their Harrowing Stories Of Being Raped By Women

29. It completely ruined my life for many years.

“As a senior in high school at 18, I was pretty well-known because I wasn’t a bad-looking guy and I was a top athlete at my school. Well I guess what comes with that is younger girls looking up to you and having a certain type of yearning to establish ‘their popularity’ or whatever they get out of getting with someone older. Anyways, I had a really close friend of mine who had a younger step sister who was a freshman, 14, who was obsessed with me. Not just the ‘I have such a huge crush’ but more of a situation where she always told people we hung out and talked when we never did. In reality I would just be hanging out with her brother. I was familiar with her because I had known her brother for the longest time so it wasn’t like she was a complete stranger. In a sense I had watched her grow up. Fast-forward to prom toward the end of the semester, freshman and sophomores weren’t able to go prom unless asked by an upper-classman. I go to prom with my girlfriend, also a senior, and halfway into the night I notice that the aforementioned 14-year-old was there. Throughout the night, she constantly kept making her way through the crowd and continually tried to dance with me. After telling her no and several attempts of trying to lose her, I told my date we had to go and she understood. After prom was when it all went south horribly. My best friend had been throwing an after-prom party and of course being the final night of everyone being together one last time, I went and got really drunk. Drunk enough to where I passed out and was not easily waken up or easy to take care of. At one point, I woke up in a room feeling as I was being rustled, and when I finally was able to understand my surroundings, I saw my best friend’s 14-year-old sister. On top of me, my pants completely undone, in her. I have no idea how long she had been having sex with me, but it completely changed my life. Of course she had told her friends and everything and being high school, stories travel fast. I had lost my girlfriend because who’s gonna believe a guy was raped by a little 14-year-old girl? Word got back to her parents and I truly believe her dad would have killed me had he ever had me alone. I was always associated as the senior who had sex with a 14-year-old. I lost my girlfriend. I lost my best friend of several years. I was not able to start up new relationships with people due to my newly acquired stigma. I had to transfer to a college much further away from where I was attending because the stories never left. It completely ruined my life for many years. The scariest part was thinking about jail time. Her father was going to press charges and I was terrified. I guess she grew up though because her older brother, my ex best friend, had told me that she told their parents everything she did that night and that it was none of my doing. I am now a senior in college, have new friends, have a new girl in my life that’s steady, and although sometimes going back to my hometown people still joke or talk about it, my life is finally normal again and I won’t ever have to worry about something like that ever again. I am still haunted, though, by what I experienced.

TLDR: raped by best friend’s little sister at a party, ruined life, she confessed a year later, life is well again and I’m happy but slightly damaged.”


30. I was unconscious and the homeowner’s friends convinced her to undress and fuck me while I was sleeping.

“When I was in high school there was a girl who used to throw parties at her house every weekend because her parents were never around. My friends and I used to go all the time and get fucked-up in this safe haven of sorts. One Friday night I got blackout and fell asleep in this girl’s room apparently. I came to again and was naked with her on top of me naked as well and I had no idea if I initiated or not but I thought something was strange so I left. The next night my friends and I went there again despite my strange encounter. When I arrived, all of her friends were swearing at me and told me I was a monster and that if I didn’t leave the cops we’re going to come. Just as I was scared, my friends felt uncomfortable and angry about this and said that we should call the cops. When I became inquisitive about why, some of them explained to me that they clearly overheard these girls making fun of the fact that I was unconscious and that the homeowner’s friends convinced her to undress and fuck me while I was sleeping. On top of it all, these awful girls spun the story the other way, painting me as some kind of rapist. Needless to say, it made trusting women my age difficult for some time after. I’m over it now and have since seen the girl and talked about it. She’s kinda a sour bitch and we never ever hang out and all her friends are still convinced that I’m a rapist, but she doesn’t hate me and I don’t hate her; we just don’t ever want to be around each other for more than a handful of minutes.”

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