30 Men Share Their Harrowing Stories Of Being Raped By Women

26. I wake up at the crack of dawn to this chick blowing me.

“I was at a party hosted by my best friends, who were all roommates. I came back to my hometown for military leave to enjoy a good two weeks of family and friends. Well, I am catching up with my buddies, and there are a lot of people they made friends with while I was away. There was a girl that went to college with them and who, at night, walked into the bathroom as I was showering (beer spilled on me). I didn’t see her walk in because I was drying my head with a towel. She then throws the towel off and starts drunkenly making out with me. Well, I am not self-conscious by any means, but I told her that this was not okay, and she had to step out. Also, my best friend had a crush on her.

I go to bed.

I wake up at the crack of dawn to this chick blowing me (I guess she slept there, I hit the sack pretty early) in the unoccupied room I was sleeping in. I freaked out, left, and didn’t tell anyone for a week or so because I didn’t know wtf to think.

I’m a very sexual person. But I think the double standards are strange. Personally, receiving fellatio is NOT flattering from a stranger when I am fucking sleeping, and I don’t think I would ever do something like that to a woman…because it’s rape. MAYBE with my girlfriend if we discussed it.

I’ve also been sexually harassed a lot by my female bosses and coworkers in the past. Idk, man…it happens.”


27. My RA brings me into her room and proceeds to tell me that she found me completely naked covered in blood.

“Was a freshman in college, it was my first time ever trying Xanax, guy I got them from was selling them 2/$5 so I had 2, took them both (big mistake) a few hours before going out. I started to get sleepy so I took 2x the recommended dose of my pre-workout as a pick-me-up before going out. So at this point my emotions are all over the place and I’m chugging liquor, I black out within 10 minutes into the party.

Next thing I know I wake up in my bed not knowing anything that happened the night before. As I walk down the hall to the bathroom my RA stops me and brings me into her room and proceeds to tell me that she found me completely naked covered in blood (not mine) on my dorm floor. She had cleaned me up and put me to bed (awesome RA).

Still very confused later in the day I find out that I had left the party with a girl I had never met before. Turns out she had been going around the dorm that morning bragging that she had lost her virginity the night before. I also happened to find out she was a hemophiliac which explained all the blood I was covered in.

Well, word got out about the whole situation and the girl ended up leaving the school because of the backlash she got for it.”



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