30 Men Share Their Harrowing Stories Of Being Raped By Women

20. She quickly grabbed the back of my head and slammed my face into the bar.

“There was a girl I knew that I had a lot of fun hanging around with. But she had a big crush on me and my feelings for her were not the same. She was also overtly aggressive with her sexuality. When we would hang out at the bars or whatever she would always be really pushy with forcing me to take liquor shots. Well, she would get me blackout drunk and then I would wake up to her naked in my bed. Basically post-sex. I never would remember how I got there or what happened or even if protection was used or anything. Nothing. Just a literal ‘stay golden pony boy,’ then she would leave. After a few times of this happening I was sitting at a bar with her. I told her that I was never hanging out with her again because I was sick of that shit and I didn’t want us to fuck anymore. When I said it, I looked away from her to my left and she quickly grabbed the back of my head and slammed my face into the bar. I got up ready to fight whoever the fuck just did that to me and she ran out of the bar as quick as she could. I’m a big dude, too. That took a lot of guts for a girl to try that. Never hung out with her again. Also not the only time I’ve been a victim of ‘domestic violence’ for refusing to have sex with a woman.”


21. To this day I have trouble trusting women.

“I was 19 and got invited to a party by a friend. I’ll call her H. H and I had a weird friend romance thing that was very confusing. A couple nights before, we had all gotten wasted and I had slept with H’s friend C. It was regrettable and I had hurt H’s feelings.

The party wasn’t so much a party when I got there, as it was the after-effects of a multiple-day drug binge. I found my friend M passed out in the yard, drugs everywhere, etc. I woke up M and got him some water.

I walked into H’s room to find her and C on the bed. I come in and they are both absolutely smashed. I sit down and chat with them for a minute, when H starts grabbing me inappropriately. I lightly push her hands away and tell her I’m not interested because they are drunk. She does it again, more forcefully.
‘Don’t you think I’m pretty? Don’t you love me?’

Meanwhile C is grabbing me and telling me just to ‘go with it.’ I loudly voice my non-consent, because they are both drunk. They get more violent.

Details don’t need to go past this point. It’s weird because of how conflicted I was. I didn’t want it to happen because they were black-out drunk, but enjoyed the attention admittedly.

So while all of this is happening, M heard me yelling and bursts into the room, pushes them off of me and drags me out of the room. M is a fucking bro and we are best of friends to this day.

There was no apology. No nothing. They probably laughed about it….

To this day I have trouble trusting women.”



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