27 People Share The True Terrifying Encounters With The Dead That Haunt Them To This Day


1. Jake’s Bell

Friend’s grandmother was out of town and asked us to check on her dog. Real friendly German Shepherd dog, jumping with excitement at the door when you showed up kinda pup. We went over and to our surprise found no dog waiting at the door. A little weird, but we thought nothing of it and went inside to find him. Got into the house and heard nothing, start calling for the dog(Jake) and are answered with footsteps running down the stairs. We call out, assuming some other family was there, but get no response. Start to freak out a little, we call his mom and she assures us no one is home and we’re being ridiculous. More footsteps but this time running up the stairs. I suggest police, the house is being robbed, but friend convinces me we should check it out to be sure. Make our way to the stairs and hear a bell chime. Buddy tells me the dog occasionally wears a bell, that it’s probably Jake. Get to the door which leads to the stairs, see there’s a small bell around the handle. My friend is terrified, so am I, but trying to play it cool I lead us up the stairs. At the top we see Jake, laying in a chair, shaking and obviously terrified. We couldn’t get him to move no matter what we did, he just kept staring down the stairs. We searched the entire house after and found nothing and no one. Only time in my life I have been genuinely afraid I was dealing with something paranormal. Friend’s grandmother assures us to this day it was her husband, and that she still hears him walking around/talking from time to time.


2. Loud Voices And Bacon

At a friends house for a sleepover one night, their house was old early 1900s. Her brothers always said they saw an older woman in the basement, I just assumed they were being dicks.

One night I woke up to loud talking and could hear everyone in the kitchen, I looked over where my friend was sleeping and she wasn’t in her bed, assuming she had gone downstairs for breakfast( didn’t realize at the time she was actually in the bathroom)

As I walked down the stairs the voices got louder, just general chit chat and I could smell bacon, eggs cooking, could hear the bacon sizzle but as soon as I touched the bottom step all the sounds disappeared, no smell

I walked into the kitchen, all the lights were off, stove was cool, nowhere to be found, I went back upstairs to find my friend as I walked up the steps she was coming out of the bathroom, I told her what had happened and she told me I was dreaming

The next morning I was up before her so I know she never mentioned it to her older brother but he scolded us for being so loud in the kitchen so early in the morning…. that house just gives me the creeps

They moved, whoever it was moved with them also, their new house still gives me the creeps and multiple people have seen the older lady in various parts of the house, even new friends who haven’t heard about her before can describe what she looks like.


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