25 Two-Sentence Poems That Will Disturb Your Soul

Unsplash / Vladislav Klapin

1. Blades

“The knife, it slices — just like butter

I tried to be a loving mother.” — littlemisssassy

2. Buried

“I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all day round.

I should have been cremated, and not buried in the ground.” — [deleted]

3. Hung

“I just saw the children playing, admiring how high they have swung.

But others tell me they’re just swaying in the wind where they were hung.” — Alt_punch

4. Cannibal

“I was always told not to play with my food, as it is a blessing to eat.

However I’m one to tease my meals, and killing is always a treat.” — [deleted]

5. Death

“Read this after the day is nigh.

And tonight you might possibly die.” — Hawkfrostofriverclan


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