25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

23. My father contacted us after his death

“Here are a couple quick stories that still send shivers down my spine.

My father passed away and we were getting things together for his memorial service and funeral. My mom had a bunch of pictures spread out on her bed of them and some happier times. I was on the couch watching TV as the rest of my family were at the grocery store. I heard what could only be described as a faint chuckle coming from down the hall in my moms room. I went down the hall to her room and her TV was on and tuned into religious programs (my dad always watched that stuff). On her bed, the pictures were put in a neat little pile with the top picture being a photo of my parents at a black tie event for the Governor’s Inauguration (their favorite date night). A note in my dad’s handwriting said “Hope you had a whole lotta fun”.

Before he died, he bought a box of Drumstick ice cream treats, but never got to open it. He would always eat two of the four at a time. A couple days after the picture incident, I went to the freezer to get a snack. I unzipped the cardboard box, opened it up to find two treats missing.” — PhiAlphaBorn1856

24. The wheels on his bike wouldn’t stop spinning

“I’ve got a few from the same house. The one that’s my favorite is the one about my friends bike. I was over pretty much every day, and saw some shit. He put his BMX bike in a corner of his room and the back tire was spinning and never stopped. It would spin 3 times one way, pause then go the other. It did it for months, till he had a house party. Everyone had seen it, and he’d had windows opened and closed with breeze flowing though to disrupt it, but it kept at it. We’re in his room having a smoke and talking about the paranormal stuff and how the bike must be haunted! The moment he said that the bike stopped dead mid way through a spin. We ran outside to finish our smokes.” — ZooRage

25. There was a strange shadow in my daughter’s bedroom

“Happened about 6 hours ago…

Yesterday morning, my about to be 3 year old daughter told me that there’s a monster in daddy’s room. ‘A monster on my pillow dadda.’ I laugh and tell her there’s no such thing and take her to day care.

We went to sleep last night and I woke to her saying, ‘Help me dadda, help me!’ and I think it’s just a scary dream, so I roll over and open my eyes to locate and grab her so I can hold her back to sleep. It was dark in the room except for a faint amount of light from the charger under the bed.

I reached to grab what I thought was her head on her pillow and got nothing but air… I thought the black shadow was her, but it wasn’t and I was like ‘ummmm…wtf’ and I looked at the shadow closer and then it moved once, I then instantly grab my daughter and pull her close to me and that’s when she says to me, “Look, you see it! Look dadda right there! look!’ and points at it… The shadow moved toward the darker corner of the bed where it was pitch black…

I then convinced myself it was nothing and probably just the shadow from the light creeping through the bottom of the bed and showing the pillow on the wall and her hand was what I saw moving…. yup.. I’m sticking with that for now…” — EnigmaSpore Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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