25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

16. A ghost spoke to us over the baby monitor

“Here’s a recent one for you!

My husband and I were staying at my sister’s place when she was out of town, and we had our 10 month old with us. We had set him up in a playpen in her room, as we were sleeping in the guest room. We had a monitor on so we could hear if he woke up.

The monitor kept crackling. It was the strangest thing. It sounded like static, and it was very loud. We moved the monitor around several times, and even snuck into his room to try to move the receiver thinking something might be interfering, but the crackling continued (though it wasn’t constant, it was very intermittent).

We joked around that it must have been the ghost of the man who lived there before my sister.

We went to bed, and had the monitor on, but the crackling was soooo annoying because just as you’d drift to sleep, it would start to crackle. Then it would disappear, then it would start again. We got up and moved it three times, and checked on the baby again to ensure everything was okay. Nothing was amiss.

After about 40 minutes of this, I had just started to drift to sleep when the stupid crackling started again. ‘It must be a ghost,’ my husband joked, to which I remarked, ‘Okay, ghost – I’m sorry, but you’re gone, and you should go to the other side now, there is nothing here for you.’

The crackling abruptly stopped and it did not make a sound EVER again – that was months and months ago and we have never heard it crackle since.

I’ll tell ya, I thought the crackling was keeping me up. But once it stopped, I was wide awake!” — designut

17. The clock moved on its own

“The clock with no batteries in my kitchen changes time sometimes. Very strange. Creeps me out.” — MissAli25

18. I was pulled across my mattress

“Being pulled diagonally down my mattress, feeling a weight as if something is on my back, and in my ear I hear something speaking in an unknown tribal voice. Scared the shit out of me!” — Cyberblix

19. A psychic predicted my mother’s future

“Before I was born, my mom went to a fortune teller, who told her 3 things:

1) Either my mom would have twins, or one of her children would have twins

2) She would live on a street called ‘Stone St.’

3) She would get a new car

So what ends up happening? She goes on to give birth to a set of twins, me and my brother. Less than a year later, our family moves into house on a street that intersects with a Stone St. half a block from the house.

The kicker is the last one, though. The night she visited the fortune teller, her Mustang caught on fire and was totaled.” — setthebartoolow


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