25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

13. We heard tapping on the balcony door

“It happened when I was at a hot spring hotel in South Korea with my siblings. Our room got upgraded to a suite with a tatami room, a double bedded room, balcony, dining area and kitchenette. As we were on the fourth floor, we could see the rice fields from the balcony.

The moment I walked into the room, I had an uneasy feeling that made my hairs on my arms stand on end. I attributed it to the air-conditioning at first. At around midnight, when my siblings and I were midway through our pillow fight in the tatami room, we heard knocking from the wall in the other bed. There was no one else in the suite with us. Feeling creeped out, we decided to stop fooling around and sleep huddled together in the tatami room. That was when we heard tapping coming from the glass doors of the balcony. It was the unmistakable taps of nails on glass. That was when I remembered that there were no trees or branches near our balcony. We totally freaked out and didn’t even dare to walk out to draw the curtains to check. Throughout the whole night, I clutched my jade amulet and prayed.

The next morning, other members (of the tour group that we were in) staying on the same floor mentioned that they had experienced disturbances at night too. The other most notable incident was of an old lady whose blanket kept getting pulled off her bed.

Now that was a freaky experience.” — awwsnapz

14. I heard distorted voices coming from the kitchen

“One night when I was about 14 my whole family had gone out, leaving just me in the house. The lights were off and I was in my bedroom asleep… when I started hearing faint voices arguing about something.

I just lay there for a while, figuring it was the neighbors tv or something, but the voices didn’t go away, there were no ad breaks, and it really sounded like it was in our house. So, upbraiding myself for being a coward, I get out of bed, quietly open my bedroom door, and go into the hallway. The voices are now slightly louder but still very soft… and it sounds like they are coming from the kitchen.

Mustering up some courage I creep into the lounge room. By now it’s obvious that the voices are indeed coming from the kitchen (it’s the next room) and they’re still arguing about something. But they sound kind of weird and distorted.

I stayed silent in the lounge room for a few minutes, but eventually decided even though I was really scared, to stick my head around the corner and look into the kitchen.

I do this silently, even breathing with my mouth open to avoid noise… and can see no one. No one is there. But the voices are quite distinct now, though not loud. The hair on my head is starting to rise (literally… I was getting goosebumps too.)

I forced myself to take a few steps into the kitchen. Voices are still there… and now I can tell where they are coming from – the stove.

This was back in the 70’s and my mother had a stove with those metal spirals for hotplates. By now I was feeling less scared and more weirded out. I put my head down near where the noise was… and discovered it was coming from where the metal spiral joined onto some sort of box that led downwards into the guts of the stove.

Years afterwards when the net was around I looked it up and found people have been able to naturally receive radio signals on teeth, teeth fillings, crystals, and various other things.

So… maybe not scary for you, but very scary for me. And it was real.” — [deleted]

15. A hand reached toward the top of the window

“I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the day, when a smacking sound on the window caught my attention. This window was frosted, and only a foot wide, but floor to ceiling. Pressed up against the top of the window from the outside, near the ceiling, was a hand. I stared at it, and while I was watching it smacked the window twice more, then vanished. That bathroom wall abutted a small rocky cliff, so there was no place for someone to stand and reach for.” — withoutamartyr


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