25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

5. I lived inside of a haunted house for years

“Same house:

Chip bags and water bottles make crinkling noises as if someone was getting into them. Sometimes something will be sitting in my end table from the night before (untouched) and they start crinkling.

My bathroom door lever turned and the door closed. My husband saw it happen from the outside thinking I did it and I saw it from the inside thinking my toddler did it.

My cabinets will close while I’m looking in them.

My (then 2-year-old) asked me where Dominick went (his cousin that is older than him that died at birth)

Son pointed at his throat and said ‘Grammy… All gone.’ Mom just finished chemo and radiation for nasopharyngeal cancer and we were still waiting on results.” — OhHeyalNah

6. I heard a little girl’s voice on the line

“When I was around 14, we lived in a old house, that used to be used for viewing bodies for a funeral. You would walk in one door, visit with family eat, and leave through another door after viewing that body.

One day I was switching bedrooms, this is a two story house, and was moving from one top floor bedroom to another. I had one of those old Vtech 900 mhz phones that were super popular.

I unplugged it from the wall, and it made a weird beep noise, and i put the phone up to my ear and heard a little girl ask her grandmother if she could read her just one more story.

I still think about that a lot, could have been some sort of interference or something, but it wasn’t plugged into the wall, no phone line, no power. Creeps me out.” — AHarmlessFly

7. My kitchen chair moved four feet on its own

“Well, my house is haunted, but it’s by family. Weirdest and creepiest thing I can remember is watching my kitchen chair move backwards 3 or 4 feet by itself. Both my mom (who used to be a huge skeptic) told me she almost threw up from fear, and my 14 year old daughter saw it also.

I’ve also had something grab around my ankle at night, I’ve had huge bruises the size and shape of handprints appear from no where.

I also think I’ve seen a shadow figure.

I played with a ouija board back in like 2001, and I believe that this also contributed to it.” — X-Kim-x


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