25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

3. My mother spoke to the ghost of an elderly woman

“My mom’s story to me one afternoon when I got home from high school. I could tell something was wrong as soon as I saw her. She was visibly upset so I asked her what happened. For background, she was an interior decorator and part of her job was sketching out crude floor plan drawings and measuring rooms for flooring.

So, she gets a call from a lady that is updating her home and wants new flooring and asks mom to come look at the home, offer suggestions and take measurements. After arranging a time to meet, the lady tells her that she can’t make it or will be late but no worries, the house will be unlocked and there won’t be anyone there.

This seems a little odd but mom goes anyway. The house is a typical 1940’s bungalow and in need of some updates but otherwise well kept. Mom knocks, nobody home, so she lets herself in as instructed. She starts her routine of sketching and measuring and she hears a noise coming from the back of the house, like a door knob rattle.

Being engrossed in her work she second guesses her hearing and continues working. A few minutes go by and she definitely hears it again. So she calls out, ‘Hello? Anyone home?’

No reply.

Waiting a few moments and not hearing any other noises, she goes back to sketching. Then, she hears the unmistakable sounds of a door knob turning and a door swinging open, creaking and all, while lightly brushing the carpet as it opens.

At this point she’s a little frightened because she was supposed to be alone she thought. As she waits silently, she can hear the shuffle of footsteps coming up the hallway toward the room she’s in. From the hallway emerges this little old gray haired lady in a moo-moo and house slippers.

Mom is a little relieved it isn’t an axe murderer or anything so she greets the old lady and apologized for disturbing her. The lady ignored mom, continued into the kitchen where she heard a cabinet door open and close and then the little old lady shuffled back down the hallway to her room and closed the door with a loud thump.

She thought it was odd that the lady would ignore her but maybe she was nearly deaf and blind or something, she looked at least 90! So mom finished up the rooms she was in but didn’t want to disturb the old lady so she didn’t do any of the back rooms.

Later, she calls the owner and discusses what she measured and apologized again for disturbing the old lady. Silence on the phone and then, ‘What old lady?’

Mom says, ‘The old lady in the back room, I spoke to her when she came out but I’m not sure she heard me.’

More silence… ‘What did she look like?’

Mom replied, ‘Well, she was short and shuffled her feet coming down the hall in her white house slippers, wearing a multi-color moo-moo dress, glasses, slightly hunched forward and looked about 90 years old.’

At this point mom could hear the lady on the other end of the line breathing in a very distressed way and she pauses a few seconds and says, ‘You just described my mother.’

Thinking nothing of it my mom replies, ‘Yeah, ok, like I said, please tell her I’m sorry for disturbing her.’

The owner says, ‘You don’t understand, my mother passed away 2 months ago.’

My mom was still a little bit white, shaken up and on the verge of tears as she was telling me this 20 years ago. Every time I mention the story again she gets a little freaked out and won’t discuss it.” — Brewski32

4. A ghost walked around in my father’s clothes

“Not me, but my dad, uncles and their friends growing up all had experiences in my grandma’s house, where my dad and uncles grew up. They’ve told me multiple stories, but in each story the spirit was friendly. They even named it Harry, and it would respond to them. My favorite story came from my dad.

He had just returned from riding his dirt bike right after a big storm, so his clothes were covered in mud. He came home to an empty house – a normal occurrence – and decided to take the muddy clothes off outside so he won’t have to clean the mess they would make. After doing so, he walks to the kitchen in just underwear and socks, and gets a drink. When he closes the fridge, he sees in his peripheral vision what looks like a person wearing the muddy clothes. Without turning his head, my dad said, ‘Harry, if you track mud all the way into the kitchen, you know my mom won’t let you hear the end of it.’ Right as he finished the sentence, the clothes dropped to the floor. He then picked up the pile of clothes and tossed them in the sink, cleaned up the trail and went on with his day.” — rssmitty13


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