25 People Tell Their Paranormal Stories That You Definitely Shouldn’t Read In The Dark

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1. We watched a creature float down the stairs

“The coolest one would have to be when my friend and I were at my old two story house when we were around 8 years old.

First, let me try to paint the visual. Where we are is the living room. It is massive. The tv is in front of us and the entry way/front door is to our right. To the right of the front door are stairs the go up, level out, then up again in the opposite direction. Hope that helps.

Now to the story. My friend and I were laying on the living room floor watching The World Is Not Enough on pay-per-view. After watching it over and over, we decided to go to sleep finally. We then turn the tv off. Next thing I know my friend is pushing me and after I look over at him I look towards the stairs. That’s what he was trying to get me to look at.

This thing was hollow. Black as black could be. It had the shape of the grim reaper or a dementor from Harry Potter, but just solid black with nothing else. Just a shadow. It had no feet as well. It was floating down the stairs but like it was walking. It went down the first part of the stairs, turned, then came the rest of the way down. Then it turned to its right and then towards the front door and POOF. It vanished like it went out of the front door.

I looked at my friend and said, ‘Did you see what I just saw?’ He described it just as I saw it. Still freaks us out to this day.” — marcusmaximus06

2. My bed levitated while I was still asleep in it

“I spent some years in a haunted house. I was a skeptic before I moved in, and as I was leaving that place I was a firm believer.

Almost every night, right after sunset the upper story would come alive with voices, whispering, noises like heavy furniture getting dragged, hoofed animals running amok or some with heavy military boots on pacing quickly in circles.

As the night progressed the weirdness just got weirder and spookier. We would wake up noticing that blankets had been pulled off us and lying on the floor. Some times our beds would shake and rock. Once I woke up to find that my bed was levitating in the air. Just to confirm that it was not a hallucination nor a nightmare, I scratched upon the ceiling with my nails and used the metal strap of my wrist watch that was under my pillow to leave scratch marks. Those marks existed until the day we left that place.

Some times some would say our names out loud. Once I woke up to a very heavy incessant knock on my bed room door to find my 86 years old father standing outsides. He said nothing but appeared aloof, very angry and distant. I escorted him back to his room and as I opened the door to his bed room I found my father sleeping on his bed. The entity or what ever that I had escorted thinking it to be my dad had vanished. It freaked my wife and myself out.

Once we were talking in the living room when suddenly we all heard very loud noises appearing from different spots from that room, as if some heavy iron bar was being struck upon the floor.

Some times the rooms would stink. worse than any open sewer, and times a very heavy smell would fill up the rooms which might have been agreeable had it not been “over sprayed” in a manner of speaking. At least once I saw a short man like entity, very heavyset and with a round face standing . It appeared human but not exactly so, something was off about it . It seemed like his head was glued to his torso with out any neck.

We heaved a sigh of much needed relief as we left that place.” — entropyx1


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