25 People Describe The Most Amazing Orgasm Of Their Lives

Flickr / Cinder Bella
Flickr / Cinder Bella
Found on AskReddit.

1. It felt like the Sun was inside my body.

“Just casual jerking off one day high and BAM, reality zooms back and it felt like the Sun was inside my body, the sense of being far bigger than just a body in that moment felt like it was fueling the orgasm.

To clarify I had my eyes open then at point of orgasm then all of a sudden it felt like I was looking over the top of the Sun and just empty space around me. I had a realization then simultaneously the billions of years it took to just evolve to this point and I was getting to experience it. I actually cried tears of joy after.”


2. I came so hard I actually blacked out.

“I’ve always had a delayed ejaculation problem. By my late 20’s I had had a few sexual partners but never was able to climax during sex. A girl I was dating at the time took a trip out of the country for three weeks. While she was gone I made it a point to watch as much porn as possible without ever touching myself. When she returned we got busy and I finally broke the curse. I came so hard I actually blacked out.”


3. I came so hard there was a wet spot on the ceiling.

“Was with my ex while my parents were gone for the weekend and we were housesitting. Being university kids, we went at it all the time. We were in the bathroom and start going at it while standing up, me behind her. I pull out to cum on her back, only I was too excited to actually hit her back and it flew over her. I look at the mirror and notice that I’d sprayed all over it. It went higher and higher until I notice the fresh wet spot on the ceiling. She wouldn’t let me take a picture.”



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