25 Average People Reveal The Single Scariest Thing They Have Ever Seen IRL

There’s nothing scarier than life itself. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit.

12. A complete stranger knew every detail about me

“17 years ago, I was in the Air Force. I had been in a few years and had orders to go to California. I was stationed in South Dakota at the time. I was 21 decided to drive it.

I get to Utah and take a break. I was eating at a fast food place and some guy approached me asking where I was headed. He looked normal, not homeless, a little older than I. Clean shaven, well spoken. I told him California, he was on his way to Nevada. We talked for a good while and he asked if he could join me. I never did anything like that in my life but also had a really hard time telling people “no”. I decided to let him join me on the trip.

The first hour or so, we talk about the Air Force, his family, my family, sports, beer, you name it. I felt comfortable. Then all of a sudden, he starts talking about girls he’s slept with. He had a fetish for prostitutes. Talked about how he degraded women during sex. He had a blue adidas duffel bag with him in the back seat of my car. He grabbed it and took out some Polaroid pictures of girls in sexual positions that he took.

He then asked if I ever killed anyone since I was in the military. He said he came close to killing a few times. One was his step dad who apparently molested him at a young age. Then he went to juvenile detention for robbery and other crimes. He stuck his hand in the bad and pulled out this big ass knife. I don’t know what kind but it looks like something out of a Rambo movie. Asked if u ever saw one like it. He started flipping it and catching the handle. This all happened in broad daylight.

I was scared out of my mind. I honestly thought my life was over at 21. I tried to play cool and think of a way to drop him off somewhere without him going ape shit.

I had a little more than 1/4 of a tank of gas so I told him I needed to fill up. Pulled into the gas station, I handed him a $20, asked if he could tell the attendant I wanted $10 of gas and for him to get snacks or whatever he wanted with the rest. He obliged and went in. I stood by the pumps by my gas tank and when he walked in to the store, I jumped in my car and booked it. The guy came running out, screaming. I realized I still had his duffel bag so before I hit the highway, I grabbed it and tossed out the car. Never looked back.

That guy knew everything about me. My name, where I was from, which base I was going to. He could have easily found me and I was scared for quite a while when I got to California.

I never did anything like that again.” — changinmangin

13. I was held at gunpoint

“Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun during an armed robbery.” — pur1337

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