25 Average People Reveal The Single Scariest Thing They Have Ever Seen IRL

There’s nothing scarier than life itself. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit.

10. The steering wheel pinned his chest down

“We got called to a two vehicle crash one night. This guy got drunk and drove northbound in the southbound lane of a major highway. This elderly couple was driving home and he hit them head on in an attempt at suicide. The elderly couple were both alive and pinned heavily. The wife was in the passenger seat and unconscious, the husband was driving and was conscious. The only way to get to the husband was through the passenger door, so we extricated the wife and then I got a clear view of the husband. He was smashed so tightly in the car that the steering wheel was pushing into his chest, impeding his breathing. It was in his chest just enough that he could get what little air he needed to stay awake, but not enough air to really “breathe.” The look on his face as he swung his head back and forth just trying to grasp at breaths and stay alive is an image I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. Long story short, we got him extricated and he lived (took 45 minutes to cut him out of the car.) Holy cow seeing a human pinned so heavily and trying so hard to breathe in that crumpled mess, well I can’t even describe it. I’ve seen plenty of trauma and death but I’ve never seen a human struggle so hard for so long. I don’t know if his wife lived.” — xts2500

11. A tornado hit our town and tore it apart

“First thing that comes to mind was a tornado I saw as a kid. Me and a friend watched it for a while in the distance and then saw debris getting pulled upward and then it dissipated. We rode our bike toward the area and got there before the authorities. A woman was crushed by her refrigerator, lots of pieces of wood stuck in the side of a another house, the roof torn off of a motel.” — 1_Marauder

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