25 Average People Reveal The Single Scariest Thing They Have Ever Seen IRL

There’s nothing scarier than life itself. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit.

4. I found body parts scattered in fragments

“Once I was on ER duty and a truck pulled up, loaded with body parts. Some guys were walking down a railroad track and all of them were crushed by a train. It was my responsibility to do the paper work, DOA, and nature of injuries etc etc, and then let the Law take over. I found body parts in fragments, innards spilling all over, brain tissue oozing out, etc etc. I was not knew to dead bodies and body parts, blood, and such, but watching all that took my desensitization to a whole new level.” — entropyx1

5. Some sketchy man stalked me as a child

“I don’t know if this was my childish mind running free, here goes: When I was young I was in the back yard of my house. We had a basketball court directly behind the house and beyond that was just grass and trees. So, I was shooting the ball when I missed and the ball went flying into the grass. I chased after it, and behind one of the trees was a man. He was dressed in a black suit, he was maybe in his mid 50s, and he was just standing there watching me. I got freaked out, so I picked up the ball which required that my vision be blocked from him by a tree for like two seconds prepared to run inside. When I stood back up there was a lion there in his place. Again, it was just standing there staring at me. So, I took my ball and ran inside as quick as I could. When I got inside I looked out the window and no one was there. I didn’t ever tell anyone about it, but I also didn’t go into my back yard alone again. Some other really weird stuff happened at that house, but that was the scariest thing that’s happened to me.” — Eluviete

6. We saw a demon inside of the house

“Me and my friend both saw a demon which I thought was a hallucination/delusion from my disorder. I have Dissociative Disorder, and I see demons pretty often. The thing is that I don’t physically see them. I just feel like they’re there and I can imagine them being there. I don’t get that terrified because I’m aware that it’s all in my mind.

Anyway, I was in my friend’s room on his bed and he’s comforting me. I start to feel like there is a demon in the corner of the room and I get a little annoyed and scared. My friend starts staring at the corner of the room and I get a little uneasy. I ask him if he sees him (the demon) and he nods. And he said he physically saw it.

I told my friend to bury his face in the pillow to avoid looking at it since it freaked him out. I start to feel like the demon walked over to the edge of the bed. I tell my friend not to look, but he does anyway. He quickly buries his face again. I ask him if he’s at the edge of the bed and he says yes.

At this point I was the one comforting him. I wasn’t as scared because I couldn’t physically see it. When it was gone we decided to draw what we thought the demon looked like. We’re both artists, and when we show our drawings to eachother it was the exact same thing.

His house is said to be haunted. He’s told me various stories about several hauntings. This isn’t the only story about that house, but it was one I was in.” — dalmins

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