25 Adults On The Supernatural Experiences They Had When They Were Young

When you grow up, life is supposed to start making sense. But, as these Ask Reddit users learned, some things will always remain a mystery.
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1. I saw disembodied body parts

“When I was younger I used to see disembodied parts all the time, like a set of legs in the hallway and a floating head by the road.

When I got older I joined a ghost hunting team as their clairvoyant for a while. I heard and saw tons of weird stuff doing that. I also learned how terrible ouija boards are doing that job.” — Goodbyepuppy92

2. We heard phantom footsteps in the basement

“When I was about twelve, I stayed over at my friend’s house and slept in his finished basement. In the middle of the night I heard someone walking around on the stone floor of the basement, but I could see there was no one there. After a minute or so the footsteps stopped.

When I told him about it the next day, he informed me that the previous owners had died in the basement as the result of a murder-suicide.” — alejo699

3. I had an out of body experience on Christmas Eve

“I had what may have been an out of body experience when I was about 15.

I was sick with a very high fever one Christmas Eve. I was in bed looking at my alarm clock when I remember being pulled away from my body. It is a sensation that to this day I have difficulty describing – it was as though I was still with my body but somehow about 5-10 feet away, almost behind my bedroom wall, at the same time. it was very unsettling but to be honest I would love to feel it again.

I then remember going downstairs where some family members had recently arrived. When my mother came in to check on me, she confirmed I hadn’t left my bedroom and asked that when I was feeling better I come out and say hello. The thing is, I already knew who was in the home and what they were wearing and doing.

So, I didn’t see my body or a white light or anything, but almost certainly had an OBE.” — tapehead4


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