13 Real People Who Have Been Personally Kidnapped Share Their Terrifying Stories

9. “I will give you $ if you leave your parents!”

When I was 12 years old, I sat next to a woman on a plane to Las Vegas. When my mother fell asleep on the plane, a lady in her mid-30s started talking to me. She was saying things like, ” your parents are con artists” and “I have a mansion you can come live in” and “I will give you lots of money if you leave your parents and come live with me” and things along those lines.

After the plane landed and everyone was walking to get off the plane, the lady grabbed my wrist and pulled me and began ushering me in front of her…My mom LOST her mind and caused a huge scene…I am not sure how the conversation went among everyone, I was very distraught. But, they made me wait on the plane while police escorted the lady off the plane to question her elsewhere. To this day, I cannot believe she attempted to do this while my parents were right there and on a plane no less.

I will never know the ladies true intentions, but the older I got the more sinister the situations became in my head.

— hdslvo

10. He Almost saw I texted Someone

I was held up at gun point and put in the trunk of my own car, while my friend was made to drive to the other side of town. The kidnapper dropped us off in a risky neighborhood then drove off, while threatening to shoot us.

The closest thing to a movie plot-line was when he yelled back that he was going to check my phone and if I had called the cops he was going to shoot us both. I hadn’t called anyone because he would have heard me talking but I texted my mom, so I was worried he’d see that. I took the battery out of my phone (this was in the early days of smart phones but I still had a flip phone) and put it in a board game case next to my head. He stopped and checked my phone and seemed satisfied when it was “dead.”

They busted him two weeks later on a warrant for drug charges and I got my car back. Covered in grimy fingerprint dust and fast food droppings, with enough miles to have driven to Florida just like he said he would

— drumsandpolitics

11. Held by a sex offender

I was 4 and I was picked up and taken into a car when I was playing on the street in front of my house. A lot of this memory has been blocked out of my mind but I remember waking up in a cage in a garage.

There was a bunch of stuff around in the house; it looked like a hoarders house. I don’t know how long I had been in there or how I managed to fall asleep (authorities think I may have been knocked out by a chemical agent) but it was dark out and I think it was morning time when I had been outside on the street.

I remember crying and looking up to see mattresses up against the walls and lots of clothes on the ground. I had really tiny hands so I managed to somehow unlock the cage and crawl out after some time. I was pretty scared so I thought that maybe if I just stayed quiet, he would forget where I was or something.

I remember walking through the house and there wasn’t really any furniture around, only in the garage where I was. I escaped and ran to the neighbors. The man had apparently been a known sex offender. I’m extremely lucky.

— clancythepantsy


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