13 Real People Who Have Been Personally Kidnapped Share Their Terrifying Stories

7. My Son Was Kidnapped

I wasn’t kidnapped, but my son was. Last year. One year, one month, and 3 weeks ago. He was found the same day.

My ex (not my son’s father) was abusive and…crazy. Basically my ex and I were in an argument while in the car and I got out of the car, went to grab my son out of the back (he was only an infant) and my ex jumped in the drivers side and took off.

Long story short, police found my car with my son still in it, alone. They had sent officers to every highway in town to make sure my car wasn’t leaving the area; eventually they found it. My son was okay, just crying and soaking wet because of his diaper.

My ex was all over the news/newspapers because of this… I’m terrified my son will see it someday tbh.

— IAmThe0neWhoKn0cks

8. They were getting tools to Dismember Me

This happened when I was very young, in the days when parents sent kids out to play and told them to come back when it gets dark. I was in 1st grade, outside playing as the sun set near our apartment complex in a pretty rough neighborhood. I was walking home alone when a group of four young men called me over to them. I walked over to see what they wanted and one put a knife to my throat as one other grabbed me. The one with the knife told me not to scream or they would hurt my mommy and daddy. They said they just wanted to a play a game with me and if I went quietly they would let me go home, no problem. I was worried about my parents so I went with them.

They took me to an abandoned house somewhere in the neighborhood. They took turns touching me and argued about who would get to do what with me. They also talked a lot about hurting and killing me, dumping my body, etc. I was scared so I stayed quiet and waited for it to be over. They laughed and joked constantly and seemed to be having a blast.

After a few hours of this they decided they needed tools to kill and dismember me. We got in a car and drove to one of their houses. Three of the four went inside and the fourth volunteered to stay and watch me. The fourth guy had stayed back most of the night and not done much to me. As an adult I like to tell myself he felt sorry for me and I could see it in his eyes but that may be me projecting.

When the others had entered the house he opened the door to the car and told me to run. I took off as fast as I could and just kept running. When I got tired I hid behind the dumpsters of another apartment complex. When I was able, I crept home.

I never told my parents because I was afraid those men would hurt them. I told my best friend who told me I should have let them have sex with me, she said I was old enough.

Bonus: A friend of mine and her sisters were kidnapped by their father when we were in high school. He had been arrested for molesting the oldest while she was a child. Friend and sister didn’t believe the oldest and maintained dad’s innocence. The day before the kidnapping we had been out walking the neighborhood. When we got back her grandmother freaked out because she couldn’t have been picked up by the father. My friend laughed it off, we hugged and I walked home.

The next day while she was walking to the store dad pulled up to her in a car with a gun. The sister was tied up and gagged in the back. He had just shot her mother in the face before kidnapping the sisters. My friend got in and the father drove them to a secluded part of the local reservoir. He raped them for three days before getting drunk enough to fall asleep. When he was asleep my friend grabbed the gun and shot him. Her and her sisters walked out to the road. I spent every night sleeping with her for the rest of the summer because of the night terrors.

She’s now a prostitute in the little town where this happened. She is also addicted to crack.

— TheMapesHotel


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