13 Real People Who Have Been Personally Kidnapped Share Their Terrifying Stories

5. I lived in a good area, but…

Basically I went to go pick up a friend from work at around 1AM. She usually has to close and clean so I wait in my car, with the car off. This particular day I had kept my car on and was messing around on my phone. A couple minutes later I see a guy come and ask me for money. I cracked my window an inch and said no, and he left. My gut feeling was telling me something was wrong cause the guy had a ski mask on…

Immediately after I see 2 other guys with him and they walk to the front of the restaurant and sit on the outside benches. I got freaked out and was going to text my friend not to come out yet and I would pull around back. I was typing the text when suddenly I hear tapping on my window and I looked up and the the same guy had a gun to my window and told me to get out the car. I was shocked and thought it was some kind of prank so I waited but the other 2 came from behind and started yelling with their guns for me to get out. So I got out and told them to take whatever they want and leave me.

I’m not a big guy and 2 of the guys were huge. The big guys huddled around me and pressed their guns against my hip and told me to get in the back seat. I tried to remain calm and listen and got in the backseat. One got in the drivers and the other 2 got in the back with me, with me in the middle.

The driver immediately started driving and we left the restaurant and They started asking me for my wallet and phone. I told him to wait and let me restore my phone which I quickly did and handed it to him. I told them I had no cash in my wallet and only credit cards. They thought I was lying and started threatening me about how they already had a murder charge and weren’t afraid to kill me. I told them I have no cash and eventually they believed me. I told them twice to let me go and take whatever but they told me to shutup or they will pistol whip me. So I was quiet.

We drove for about 3 hours and their plan was to escape to another state, it was nearly 4AM now and the driver was getting sleepy. He pulled into a random hotel parking lot and told everyone to sleep except for one guy to keep an eye on me. The car is an 8 seater and the guy on my right moved to the passenger and the guy on my left moved to the last row. I obviously couldn’t sleep but pretended to be asleep. Eventually all three of the guys fell asleep and I was pretending to be asleep for almost 3 more hours. It was 7 am now and I noticed people were leaving the hotel. When I saw a couple right next to our car start to leave I had made up my mind I was going to run. I waited and moved to the right door, I took off my slides and grabbed My ID and School ID and whatever else cards they had dropped. I took a deep breath and just ran, when I closed the door I saw the driver wake up and yell but I was already running. I ran past the couple yelling “call 911!” and ran to the front lobby of the hotel. I hid in the bathroom while telling the lady at the front to call 911. At the end police came, the guys had drove off with my car and my family had found me and picked me up. The car was recovered with minimal damage.

Please everyone be aware of your surroundings especially late at night. I live in a good area and nothing like this has happened before but It was just the wrong place at the wrong time.


6. My BF sold me to his drug dealer

My ex handed me off to his drug dealer while we were traveling abroad in the middle of the night. He had my bags packed with the drug dealer in a car at 3am, waiting, after he broke up with me suddenly. Was young, in shock, in a foreign country for the first time.

I was heavily drugged for months. When he thought I was passed out, he left and I locked the door and climbed down/jumped out three stories where an expat couple found me.

They helped me escape.

I lost 2-3 months like that and my brain was shattered. Memories are very distorted from then. Not easy to talk about.

— Thefieldwaiting


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