31 Terrifying Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movie Plots

Flickr / J.B. Hill
Flickr / J.B. Hill
Found on AskReddit.

1. Out of the pitch black we heard something SCREAMING.

“It’s nowhere near as creepy as a lot of these stories, but was still unsettling. A few months ago, my husband and I decided to drive out of the city to view the Perseid meteor shower. We drove way out into the middle of nowhere (this is Texas)– random turning down dirt roads for miles and miles. Finally we found a place– no lights anywhere, hadn’t passed any private driveways or homes in miles. We’re on the hood of the car and we hear, out of the pitch black, someone (or something) SCREAMING. No words, just this long, drawn-out scream, which sounded like a man. Our asses were off the hood and inside the car, doors locked, before it stopped. I’ve seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fuck that shit.”


2. Mommy, who is that old lady in the corner?

“A close coworker of mine has two daughters. She was telling me a story of one time of how her younger daughter would sleep in bed with her because she was afraid to sleep by herself. (She was about 4/5 years old at the time.) Well one night the little girl is lying in bed with her mom and starts staring at a dark corner in her room. My coworker asks her daughter, ‘Lilly what’s wrong?’ The little girl goes, ‘Mommy who is that old lady in the corner?’

Obviously this creeped my coworker out but she wanted to get to the bottom of it more. So over the weeks she showed her daughter pictures of her older ancestors both alive and deceased. Turns out, the little girl ending up identifying the woman in the room as my coworker’s great grandmother who was many years passed….creepy stuff.”


3. Near the farmhouse was a grave for a child named Sam.

“At the age of four I had an imaginary friend called Sam. Mum had to set the table and everything for him every night. Things then got creepy when we went for a drive one day and I told mum that we needed to go to Sam’s house. Mum drove us following my directions to an old abandoned, run down farm house (we lived in the Wheat Belt of Western Australia). Told mum ’tis was Sam’s house and he wanted me to play there for the day.

Mum kinda freaked out took me home and told Dad. Dad proceeded to go out and visit the farmhouse and found a grave nearby for a child called Sam…’”


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