27 Men And Women Share Exactly What Made Their First Kiss Awkward, Sweet, Or Hilarious

22. Under the Turtle

There is a big stone turtle at the playground of my elementary school. During hide and go seek, I crawled under and hid… She crawled under too… I hope my turtle girl is happy wherever she may be.


23. The Gorgeous Senior

I was 16 and the new girl at school and had a serious thing for a gorgeous senior guy who was involved in all of the same extracurriculars as me, was talented in whatever he took an interest in, he was brilliant… you get the picture. Essentially, I considered my chances with him to be very slim, so I was just thrilled that I had so many opportunities to enjoy simply being around him. One day after school, I was sitting next to the parking lot waiting for my ride home when he sat down next to me and struck up a ten-minute conversation about an upcoming performance our drama department had put together and we were involved in. As we were talking, he touched my chin, said something sweet about not doubting my ability to impress the shit out of the audience when the time came and kissed me. Then, he paused for a few seconds and took off to his car and drove away. He ended up telling me a year later that the reason he disappeared so suddenly instead of kissing me a second time was bc he got the sudden strong urge to sneeze and he was convinced that if he stuck around any longer, he was going to end up embarrassing himself by sneezing in my face lol. I ended up marrying this guy, although we both had other relationships before we ended up together for good!


24. Spin The Bottle

I was playing spin the bottle around age 15, and just happened to land on the person I had a huuuuge crush on. I was really shy and I felt like I was way too old to never have kissed anyone, so I was really excited about this.

I slept over at a friend’s house that night and went sleep walking for the first time ever. I guess the excitement of the night was a bit much for my brain. I woke up at 6 am, sitting at the kitchen table with puzzle pieces stuck to my face.



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