27 Men And Women Share Exactly What Made Their First Kiss Awkward, Sweet, Or Hilarious

11. The One That Got Away

High School library. Wasn’t her first kiss but it was mine. For some reason, I made her really nervous, like butterflies in stomach nervous. She had to cover my eyes to make sure I didn’t see. It was cute. Felt weird but good. We went on to date for 5 years. She is the one that got away.


12. Amazing!

Actually magical! Was in what’s called the Rose garden at her school after dancing lessons. It was amazing.


13. It Was…Weird

It was like kissing a fish sucking on my face for five seconds. It was right after school at soccer practice and my boyfriend ran up and gave a quick kiss. I didn’t know it was happening until he had already run off. Looking back it is hilarious. It was my first kiss and it was…weird.


14. Catering Kisses

Seventeen, got drunk with some coworkers at the end of an event, we did catering and ran the bar and we drank as we went, despite being under age, she was 4 years older, fairly attractive redhead, made out loads over the last couple of hours.


15. A Terrible First Kiss Memory For Everyone

It happened when I was 14 on vacation in Turkey. I met 2 girls there, one was 15 and the other one was 13, I was pretty much only interested in the younger one.

We, all three, spent most of the days together at the beach and went to the hotel bar later in the evening. The younger one wasn’t wasn’t allowed to stay out very long from her parents (sad face), but me and the older one usually got pretty drunk.

One night, she walked me to my room afterward (unexpectedly, for my 14-year-old self) started kissing me in front of the door. I was startled, and like I said, I wasn’t into her, only wanted to get with the other girl, so I told her it wasn’t a good idea, and we parted ways, but the first kiss had happened.



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