27 Men And Women Share Exactly What Made Their First Kiss Awkward, Sweet, Or Hilarious

8. smooching at religious school

I have an interesting one. I went to an Islamic school and our classrooms would have little storage rooms between them (small rooms, say 2.5mx2.5m). Anyway, one of the storage rooms was used as a place to store religious books. I think you know where I’m going. My girlfriend at the time – we were 13 – was particularly open to physical contact in the form of hugs and just generally being touchy feely. Me, being a young sheltered pre-pubescent Muslim student, receiving attention from the opposite gender was unknown territory; highly frowned upon but very exciting.

So anyway Islamic was taught as a subject, and depending on the day we would either listen to the religious teacher talk or read some sort of religious text(Quran or religion textbook). This day happened to fall on the day we would have to read. Before and after class, the teacher chooses a few students (maybe 4 or 5) to go and get the books from the storage room and then another few at the end of the lesson to return the books to the storage room. On that day, I and my girlfriend were chosen to return the books at the end of the lesson. Now up until here, we hadn’t done much but just talk all night on MSN(lol) and hug here and there. So here we are in the storage room putting away a large pile of books, the other 2 students had finished and gone and it was just me and her. She turns to me and says ‘do you wanna kiss?’ I was a very shy kid so I was scared we would get seen. Or worse. But then I thought of how awesome it would be to kiss a girl and how I could go tell my friends about it and I said yeah ok and we leaned in and kissed. Held it for about 2 seconds. It was great. And the deed was done. After Islamic class. Surrounded by religious books. A few meters away from the Islamic teacher. Never forgetting that one.


9. A Touch of the flu

I was 14 on my first date ever with a boy I met in band class. We had just seen Beowulf in theaters and his dad and he were driving me home. Very lovely evening. Well, this boy and I were sitting in the backseat and I decided to summon all my courage and kiss him. I leaned over and kissed him, then immediately threw up all over myself.

I had gotten a flu shot the day before.


10. Absolute Magic

Absolute magic. I was 12. My friend had a backyard party. I was dancing with this beautiful blonde girl from school. We kissed while Axl Rose sang Don’t Cry. Afterward, I thought I feel asleep and dreamt it. 25 years later, we still kiss every day.



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