27 Men And Women Share Exactly What Made Their First Kiss Awkward, Sweet, Or Hilarious

4. Sloppy And Being Watched

I was constantly dared to kiss this one girl who lived two doors down from me. It was really awkward cos my friends wanted to watch to make sure we really did it. We were 11 and it was sloppy.

Gotta start somewhere.


5. “Come A Little Closer…”

Was hanging out with friends, my crush had me walk with her to a more secluded area to be away from everyone. I didn’t know what was going on but she said to “Come a little closer…” She kissed me on the lips. 11/12 year me couldn’t believe it, the only thing that could’ve made it better was if it lasted longer.


6. Truth Or Dare

Gave a couple guys some lingering pecks during Truth or Dare. After the game, my friend hooked up with one of them in the living room (where I had planned to spend the night). With nowhere to crash, the other guy offered his bed. So we got in bed, he asked to cuddle, and I obliged. He told me, “I like that you’re not easy…” Uhh, thanks? He asked to kiss me some more. Alright, whatever. After 30 seconds, I had enough, rolled over, and told him to go to bed.



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