22 Straight People Ask What They’ve Always Wanted To Know About Gay People (And 22 Gay People Answer)

Stanley Dai
Found on AskReddit.


“Lesbians who are multiple orgasmers, how do you know when to stop?”

“Honestly, we usually stop when one of us is falling asleep.”


“What does ‘queer’ mean, exactly? I always thought it just meant gay, but apparently not. Anyone who identifies as queer/knows someone who identifies as queer want to answer this?”

“It’s a catch-all term for ‘not straight.’ Some people use it as a synonym for LGBT, because it rolls off the tongue more easily. Others use it as an identity in and of itself, if they find more traditional labels too narrow.”


“How do you cope with your sexual orientation, so basically your nature, being generally frowned upon? I know we’re kinda progressing into the right direction, but I think there’s at least 50 or more years of work before general opinion changes.”

I’ve learned to stop giving a twirly fuck about what others think. It doesn’t affect them in the slightest and anyone who voices any sort of disapproval is quickly told that their approval is not required. I don’t live my life for anyone else but me.”


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