50 Truly Terrifying Creepy Stories That’ll Scare You Into Perpetual Insomnia

Tony Ciampa
Tony Ciampa

1. Creepy passenger on cruise tries to break down my door

So I’m female, late thirties and I’m a travel counselor for a large tour company. We are pretty well known so I’m not going to be dropping any names for anonymity sake. That being said what occurred here is 100% for real, and yes I know everyone claims that on here but you’ll just have to take my word.

So as a travel counselor (fancy schmancy way of saying travel agent) I book many cruises, both my company and the many cruise lines offer us in the industry what’s known as a fam trip, to familiarize us with what the cruise line offers. So I was approached two weeks before the holidays with the chance to take such a trip on a four night cruise to the Baja peninsula, it left the day after Christmas. Since my husband had a big guys trip with his BFF lined up I thought perfect! My in laws have been begging us to watch our seven year old daughter so she went to grandmas and I went on a free cruise. What could go wrong? A little sand, surf, sun and while it’s winter 66 degree days are much warmer than the teens and below zeros we have up north.

The flight was perfect, the embarking went as smooth as butter. The lovely balcony room I was put on was wonderful, so far so good right? That night I’m at dinner and a Indian man sits next to me, now this struck me as odd as there were several empty seats available. He strikes up conversation, introduces himself and says he’s traveling with his elderly parents, sister and her family. He’s 26, works in communications and attended college in London. He seems nice, we have a lovely conversation and I throw in their that I’m happily married, have a child, etc.

Finally his family arrives to eat and we part ways, I figure I’ll never see him again. The next day I get off at our port, I signed up for a Segway tour and who do I see in line my new friend and his father and I assume his oldest nephew. He of course waves at me, and we make simple chit chat before starting our tour. After the tour there was the opportunity to walk around.

I chose to browse the shops and get some pizza however I felt I was being watched or followed. I turned around a few times but didn’t see anyone, I shrugged it off and went about my day.

I go back to the ship change into my bathing suit and go lay out on the deck, it’s a perfect seventy two degree day and my skin loved the vitamin D, I order a drink and put in my wireless headphones. I’m dozing when I feel hands roughly shake me, I jolt sitting straight up. It’s my “friend” although he’s frowning, staring at me disproving, he angrily tells me I’m not allowed to show off my body and that I’m disrespecting him and his religion by acting like a slut. By now I have two cruise employees I’m friends with (I have taken many cruises and get to know the employees) who hear the commotion and are telling him he needs to leave me alone. Never mind I’m embarrassed, I tell him I’m a married woman, and what I do isn’t any of his concern. As he stomps off, he informs me if I was his woman I’d be sorry.

I figure I won’t have to deal with him and the next day is perfect, no sign of him we are at sea and I hang out on my balcony sunning and dozing.

That night after a few martinis at the piano bar I settle in my room for the night after talking with my hubby through Facebook messenger. I’m about to doze when my door starts shaking, it sounds as if someone is violently running into my door. I throw a robe on and look out the peep hole. It’s the Indian guy, he looks crazed. It was formal night so he’s in formal wear, hair mused, red faced screaming profanities at me. Luckily the guy across the hall a pretty big guy opens his door and tells the creep to get the hell out of the hall before his kids were waken up. Indian guy gives one last profanity and then leaves.

The next morning the guy across the hall tells me something terrifying he swears the guy had a steak knife in his hand.

I inform the cruise director but I’m not sure what happened after that.

I only saw him one more time on the cruise as we were disembarking, he was carrying one of his nieces and luckily didn’t see me.

— Bigbadnastywoman

2. Craigslist roommate almost slits my throat

When I was 21 I transferred to a college in San Francisco. I checked out a room for rent on Craigslist. It was in a really nice two bedroom apartment. It was cheap rent and close to campus, so it was the ideal spot.

The girl who lived there was 29 and her name was Beth. She was tall and wide, and she had jet black hair and wore pale makeup. She seemed nice, although a little quiet. But she seemed to like me, and agreed to let me move in. So far, so good.

My first night there we went out for pizza, and that’s when I could tell that something was a little bit off with her. Throughout dinner she kept telling me how much I look like Shia LaBeouf. I didn’t know what to say, so I just shrugged it off with a – Thanks? I mean, I look nothing like Shia LaBeouf, so it just didn’t make any sense to me.

When we got back home she asked if I had seen her room yet. I said no, and so she took me to see it. Her walls were covered in posters of Shia LaBeouf. She even had printed out photos of him all over her mirror. She owned all his movies. I didn’t know what to make of it. It was creepy. The whole night she had been saying I look like him, and now it’s obvious to me that she’s obsessed with the guy.

A few weeks passed, and I never really saw her that much. We didn’t spend any time together really. She would come home from work and practically run to her room. She would spend the whole night in there. She had this creepy high pitched giggle, and I would hear her giggling through the walls all night. I wondered what the hell she could possibly be doing.

Occasionally she would come out and talk for like 2 minutes, and she would always be slurring her words – so I suspected she was drinking a lot. Sometimes she wouldn’t say anything and she would just stand in the hallway and watch me in the living room. I would turn and see her and be surprised and say “hello beth” and then there would be this long awkward pause and she would give out her creepy high pitched giggle. It was uncomfortable being around her. She gave me the chills.

One night I woke up at around 2am because I heard what sounded like the front door being unlocked. I came out of my bedroom, and all the lights were off, but I could still see Beth standing at the front door. She had her face against it, and she was turning the lock back and forth over and over again. And every time she turned the bolt she mumbled my name!!! “Max Barker….Max Barker…Max Barker…”. Seeing her standing in the dark, and mumbling my name, really freaked me out. And it doesn’t help that she kinda looks like a bigger version of the girl from The Ring. I just quietly went back to my room and tried to sleep.

One night I was watching Gladiator and she stumbled out of her room and turned on the living room light, forcing me to pause the movie – which was annoying. She then asked me if I wanted to hear about her ex-boyfriend. It was an uneasy segue into the topic, but I just said sure and then awkwardly sat back to listen to her.

Ten minutes into her story and she was so riled up. She was screaming at the top of her lungs about their breakup. I was worried that the neighbors were going to call the cops – and she wasn’t listening to me when I was asking her to lower the volume. Amidst all of her screaming, one thing she said really freaked me out – she was in such a fit and yelled: I’ll slit his fucking throat.

That was a big game changer. Suddenly I had no idea what this girl was capable of. She was practically a stranger, and everything I had seen was becoming alarmingly disturbing. After a few more minutes she told me thanks for listening and she startled doing her giggle.

I got out of there pretty fast, and went to my room to go to sleep. I had a pretty unsettled feeling about being in the house with her, and what’s worse is that there was no lock on my bedroom door. I pushed the edge of my dresser in front of it, to act as a little barricade.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my dresser scraping against the floor. Beth was pushing the door open! I turned on my light – shouting at her to stop. I could see her through the opening of the door. She was so drunk, and had this insane look in her eyes.

I pushed the door closed, and yelled at her to go to bed. I could hear her walk back to her room, but I couldn’t fall back asleep.

The next morning when I went out into the hallway my heart dropped. I saw one of her steak knives was on the floor by my door. I got goosebumps all over my arms. All I could think about was her saying she would slit that guy’s throat. I confronted her about it, and she said she didn’t remember trying to push my door open. She said she didn’t even remember telling me about her ex.

I had enough. My lease was month-to-month, so I found a new spot and moved out. About a month after I moved out she contacted me. I was at the movies, and my phone was off. When I got out I turned my phone on – and to my shock I received in 40+ text messages that she had sent me over the past two hours. They were all just insane texts that ranged from everything between “Hi how are you?” to “I fucking hate you!”. It was insane. I didn’t respond, and I never heard from her again.

I always wonder if I hadn’t set my dresser in front of my door, would she have quietly come into my room and slit my throat? It freaks me out.

— Mac1187

3. Creepy neighbor Keith

At the age of around 6/7, I lived next door to an old (60 or so) year old man named Keith. He would often go running around the streets as he was very fit for his age. At the time, I lived with my grandmother, she was friends with him and would often invite him round for a cup of tea and to gossip. Things were fine for a little while, until one day, I looked out of my window in my bedroom, from my window I could see clearly into his garden. He was laying on a deck chair masturbating, as I was a child, I didn’t understand, of course. I assumed he didn’t know I was there. The next day, I went to open the curtains in the morning and saw him, doing the same, again. He looked up at me and smiled, then carried on.

A few weeks later, with me not mentioning it to my Nan, incase she thought I was lying about it, I continued to see him almost daily, I started to realise it wasn’t right when I noticed he would make an effort to make me look, by doing things such as making loud noises outside and shouting my name.

Soon after it was my birthday, my nan invited him round to my party as most of our neighbours had been invited too. I was alone in the kitchen getting a glass of water when I heard the kitchen door open and saw him walk in, he was wearing gold cycling shorts which very clearly showed off everything. At the time, I thought it was just a fashion choice but now I see that he wanted people to look.

He said to me “If you were my daughter I would never let you leave the house looking so sexy. Thank you for keeping our secret.” I don’t remember my exact answer but it was something along the lines of “sexy is a bad word.” He started to pull down his shorts and I panicked and called my nan, she rushed in to see him standing over me, quickly pulling his shorts up and with an erection.

Thankfully I never saw him masturbating after this. My nan called the police and he got a warning. In my opinion this wasn’t enough for what he did. I lived next door to him for another 6 years.

— BabyAngel242

4. Thank God our house has shitty wiring

A few weeks ago I was moving some stuff around in my room and accidentally broke the glass on my window. It was a small crack, and didn’t fully break, but it was enough that cold air and condensation were getting in and making my window ice up. So i threw a space heater in my room to try warming the place up. Now, we have an old house and if we have two heaters on at the same time the fuses blow and shuts off power to the back side of the house.

The other night got particularly cold so I plugged in the heater to the outlet closest to my bed. This outlet was controlled by the light switch so when I turn on the switch the heater goes on. (its one of those ones with dials not power buttons)

When it got time for bed my room was sufficiently warm so i turned out my heater. I told my parents my room was warm enough so they put their heater on for the night. Fast forward to about 2 AM and I hear some noise in my brothers room. I think nothing of it and just shake it off. I just laid there and the noise had stopped so I lay back down and try to fall asleep. Then I started hearing noises in the kitchen, which was odd as nobody would be rummaging through the kitchen drawers at this time of night.

I start to get a little worried and check my phone- I see a snap from my brother from about 1AM and he was out getting wasted with friends, so I calm down and think he just got an uber. I was wide awake at this point so I checked my texts and email, and got back on snapchat. This is when I really started freaking out.

On the stories, there was my brother, posted 13 minutes ago at a buddies house who lived more than 20 miles away. It wasn’t him in the house. Reading too many LNM stories I had put an old broken hockey stick in my room in case of emergencies. Not the best weapon but it’s what I got. So i quietly get out of bed to turn on the light to find it. I had forgotten my heater was plugged in so as soon as I flipped the switch the light went out. But so did the rest of the power. It also just so happens that on that end of the house is where our CO detector is, and when power is cut it beeps. LOUD. Whatever the case was this startled whoever was in my house and the kitchen door opened quickly. I woke up my parents and let them know what happened.

Once we got power on we noticed my brothers bedroom window was wide open. We saw footprints beneath my window, but thankfully the ice had frozen the window shut from the outside. Whoever was in my house climbed into my brothers room, and was rummaging around the house. The bags left over under the Christmas tree had been torn through and all the kitchen drawers were open.

We contacted the police who took down the information and said this kind of behavior is normal around holidays. People find empty houses and look for gifts/cash things of that sort. I don’t know what would have happened if I had come face to face with this guy.

— Brandnewthrowaway10

5. “You know exactly who this is Darlin’…”

When I was 22, I moved 1,000 miles away from my Midwest home to the beautiful foothills of Tennessee. I had a new job, new car, and a nice apartment, but didn’t know a soul outside of work.

If my phone rang, I expected to hear a far-away family member or my long-distance boyfriend – still in college. This was a landline; no cellphones yet. Despite being very alone, I was managing well with the excitement of all the new things in my life. I had only lived there about 2 weeks when the unwanted calls started.

The first call: A man’s friendly voice asked what I was doing. I couldn’t place him, and thought maybe it was one of my cousins or uncles. (I have a huge extended family.) I ask his name; he laughs a little, and his tone gets dark, a bit angry. He says, “You know exactly who this is, Darlin’.”

I pause, deciding if this guy simply called the wrong number or is a creep. I choose the former, laugh, and politely tell him he has the wrong number. He then recites my brand-new unlisted/unpublished phone number AND my name. WTF?! An intense chill races through me. I’ve only given my new number to my parents, sister, boyfriend, apartment manager, and employer. I’m new to this city and this lovely southern state.

He does NOT like it when I tell him he called the wrong number, and starts yelling at me, then tells me in a much calmer voice the many vulgar things he’s going to do to me. I hang up and brush it off. He calls again around 1:00 AM; I tell him to f** himself and hang up. He keeps calling, so I unplug the phone and return to sleep.

However, as days go by the calls continue, and escalate. He starts mentioning personal things about me… said he liked the white quilt on my bed, knew what was in my fridge, that he’s allergic to cats (I had one) and then asked me if I was in love with Mari.

As I listened to his words, I was standing in my kitchen looking at the calendar taped to the fridge. It had “Mari” written in pink on the 17th with a heart around it, because Mari is my sister and the 17th is her birthday. I started shaking and crying, because suddenly I realized this creep has been in my apartment! I was alone, with no friends or family to run to for the night. It was me versus a creepy mystery man.

I didn’t sleep much that night. Early the next morning, I talk to the apartment complex manager before heading to work, telling her what happened and that I want the locks changed that day. She gets a weird look on her face, and after a long pause, says SHE KNOWS WHO HAS BEEN IN MY APARTMENT, and that “it won’t happen again.” WHAAAT???

Turns out she had a creepy, rapey maintenance guy who noticed a young woman moving into an apartment alone, and thought I was his new pet. She had the locks changed immediately, and promised that she would personally keep the other key.

Although the calls stopped, I was paranoid for a year as I came and went from my apartment, because I never even knew what this guy looked like. I moved out the moment my lease was up.

Only after thinking about it years later did I realize that her weird expression likely meant that it had happened before. Plus, she didn’t even fire him. I regret not calling the cops; I was young and naive.

— runandkickgirl

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