31 Art Teachers Describe The Most Disturbing Drawing A Student Has Ever Submitted

You can tell a lot about a child by their drawings. Unfortunately for these poor souls from Ask Reddit, sometimes you find out things you didn’t want to know.

29. Suicide

“The assignment was to take a piece of art and reimagine it in your own format. Could be sculptures, painting, song, anything.

This student took a song by a band called Underoath. I can’t remember the name of the song but I know the lyrics referenced veins.

Anyway the student played the song and explained how much it has resonated with him.

One week later he tried to take his life.” — orangeshades

30. Emotional meltdown

“I was an art teacher at a violence against women shelter. I worked with kids of all ages, and sometimes if they didn’t want to do art, they would read or play with the toys or color.

One day a 4-year-old wants to read me a book. He can’t read, but I say sure why not. A few minutes in I realize he’s telling me the story of his mom having a meltdown the morning he was evicted and the police came to his apartment. He’s just flipping pages casually telling the story somehow relating it to this book. Although it may not be so disturbing, it was really sad.” — mermaidtheory011

31. Torture chambers

“When I was a kid (like 8 or 9) me and my siblings would draw bubble letters of our name (HUGE, on that old-timey connected printer paper) and inside the letters we would draw stick people being forced through torture chambers. Like, dying in acid pits, and acid rain, and dying on spikes, and eaten by ants, drowning, etc.

At the time it seemed perfectly normal. I even hung these masterpieces up on my bedroom wall. My parents didn’t say anything about it.

Looking back, I can see how that might come off as disturbing, but I actually had a great childhood with very loving parents. I just happened to enjoy killing stick people.

Long story short: Kids are just weird sometimes.” — Willows_Whiten Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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