31 Art Teachers Describe The Most Disturbing Drawing A Student Has Ever Submitted

You can tell a lot about a child by their drawings. Unfortunately for these poor souls from Ask Reddit, sometimes you find out things you didn’t want to know.

25. Time’s running out

“I was in a Fraternity in college. Lived in the fraternity house for two years. Best time I never wanna have again! Anyways, next door to our fraternity house is a Kindercare. Yeah, idk why they did that, but they did.

Anyways, my senior year, one of our fraternity brothers died when he crashed his motorcycle. We don’t know how he crashed, but he did, hit his head and died. Apparently he was conscious til he got to the hospital and crashed when they put him in a medical induced coma.

As a kind gesture, the daycare ladies made the kids write us cards and delivered all of them to us. I don’t think the teachers looked through all of them cuz some of them were kinda brutal. Keep in mind these kids are like preschool age to kindergarten.

One of them was simple but cold. On the front it said ‘HEY’ and then you open up the card to a drawing of a watch and the bold words ‘Time Limit.’ We were shocked to say the least. There was a lot of confusion on whether or not we were being threatened by a 6 year old.

Another one drew a picture of our house and it looked like a legit prison. Bars instead of windows and everything.

Another one said, ‘I hope your friend stops being dead or else you’ll never see them again.’ That was quite disturbing.” — The_Brutally_Honest

26. Exposed genitals

“When I was teaching 7th grade, I had a vocabulary assignment where students were to draw each word on the vocabulary list. A few were difficult to draw- for example one word was ‘subtle.’

Well, I had one student who could sketch insane well. His images were by far the best. But then I reached his sketch for ‘subtle’ and I was confused. It looked like cloth with ripples in it and something underneath.

After class, I asked the student what the image was. ‘Oh, it’s your package. Can’t quite make it out, but it’s there. It’s subtle.'” — Azgard12

27. Pure blackness

“Disturbing by implications of the student’s life: My Mum use to assist in our art classes back in the day, and she said one student would draw really wonderful looking pictures that she complimented for. Later in the class Mum looked at this student’s work again, and she had taken a black pen and covered her entire beautiful work.” — TheUglyBarnacle42

28. Written on a tombstone

“My class of kindergartners were drawing pictures to put in a care package for deployed troops. Well, one girl, drew a picture of a family crying over a tombstone with a caption saying, ‘Don’t feel bad, it’s almost over.’ Holy hell kid. I almost put it in for humor, but I decided to put it on “the wall of little horrors.” — Secretly_psycho


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