31 Art Teachers Describe The Most Disturbing Drawing A Student Has Ever Submitted

You can tell a lot about a child by their drawings. Unfortunately for these poor souls from Ask Reddit, sometimes you find out things you didn’t want to know.

20. Raped by her stepfather

“One time a 5 year old drew a picture of her stepfather raping her twin sister. First time the ongoing abuse had been disclosed.” — random_girl_me

21. Incestuous shirts

“Not a personal story, but one I never forgot 20+ years after I read about it. There was an art project to draw attention to abuse issues, where victims of abuse made t-shirts that represented the abuse they suffered. Each color represented a different type of abuse: red for rape; yellow for assault; blue for incest, etc.

The shirts were all hung on a clothesline. Most of them were super busy and loaded with imagery. But the most disturbing one was the most simple.

Plain blue t-shirt. White text.

‘I was seven.’

Chills.” — wmbenedetto

22. Murdered with a machete

“This kid in my high school made a machete in metalwork and ended up actually murdering another student with it.” — Boopydoots

23. Slowly dying

“A couple of years ago my little cousin made a Christmas card for santa that looked like some surrealist piece. From front to back in small child crayon chicken scratch it read, ‘THE LONELY TREE IS WAITING. 7 DAYS. THE LONELY TREE DIED.'” — Sseancee

24. Receiving oral sex

“A kid in my video art class showed up with a flash drive of a 26 minute ‘endurance piece’ of him getting a blowjob from an obese woman with the same 2 second death metal scream sample playing on repeat the whole time. We watched the whole thing in critique and I kept hoping the building would catch on fire and kill me.” — aaroncarterfan911


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