31 Art Teachers Describe The Most Disturbing Drawing A Student Has Ever Submitted

You can tell a lot about a child by their drawings. Unfortunately for these poor souls from Ask Reddit, sometimes you find out things you didn’t want to know.

11. S&M sex with cartoon characters

“It was double sided. It depicted cartoon characters having S+M sex with each other.

And there was another piece consisting of a cave of broken glass surrounding a crumpled pile of loved letters soaked in her own period blood. That one was not allowed to be displayed to the public… However it did make an appearance in class.” — Hunter_meister79

12. Voices in his head

“Former teacher and Sunday school teacher here. At Sunday school the kids, aged 9 or so, were making drawings of the bible story they’d just been told. One of the kids was making a rather nice one but when I got back to him a few minutes later, he had scratched it all over with a thick black pencil, creating an ugly black mess and destroying the original drawing. I asked him why and he said..

..because the voices in my head told me to!” — gnarft

13. Sliced open wrists

“I was the student, but this applies… I was extremely depressed, suicidal, my grades were shit because I just couldn’t see living long enough for college.

Our project was the whole “trace your hand and decorate it.”

Other girls gave themselves painted nails, designs, etc. I gave myself a sliced open wrist, and I don’t remember the other details, but it was bad enough that this should have been a big red flag to my teachers that I needed help.

My art teacher only told me that it was inappropriate, and to redo it. I was 10.

Teachers, if a kid is obviously in mental pain, and something is wrong, don’t ask them if everything is okay at home. They WILL say yes, because that’s what they live with, and probably for a long time, so as long as they weren’t beaten before going to school, it’s all good. Helping them earlier will give them a better shot at surviving an abusive or neglectful home. I’m 25 now, and can’t get into college because my grades all through high school were awful, because I was constantly thinking, ‘I won’t live long enough to graduate or go to college, why bother.’

I really wish that someone had stood up for me.” — Cielaisyellow


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