31 Art Teachers Describe The Most Disturbing Drawing A Student Has Ever Submitted

You can tell a lot about a child by their drawings. Unfortunately for these poor souls from Ask Reddit, sometimes you find out things you didn’t want to know.
Unsplash, GoaShape
Unsplash, GoaShape

1. Abandoned in a fire

“During draw and tell one boy held up a page with just red and yellow scribbled all over. The other children started laughing and I shushed them down and then the kid spoke up: ‘This is a drawing of the fire my parents left me in when they ran out the house.'” — Takbeir

2. Hanging by a noose

“One art class I took there was a student who didn’t get along with the teacher, whose last name happened to be a fruit. In this class sketchbooks were a requirement, so when it came time to hand them in he only drew one thing in his: the same fruit as the teacher’s last name hanging from a tree (by a noose). The kid was confronted but he claimed it was a coincidence.” — iamnotstephanie

3. Surrounded by pools of blood

“A nine year old drew a very accurate picture of the playground. The swings and slides were depicted just as they are. He also added all the other campers. The picture was well done and I would have loved it if not for the fact that every child in the picture had limbs askew and red pools around their heads and torsos. I asked the boy what he drew. He told me, ‘they all got hurt.’ He said, ‘I’m here’ and pointed to an empty spot on the page. Then he said, ‘and you’re there too Miss dersertchoir’, and pointed to one of the ruined bodies. He had a single father who was a MMA fighter. I assume he just watched a lot of gory things because he was otherwise a very nice child.” — desertchoir

4. Injecting heroin

“Not a teacher, but I am the legal guardian of my nephew now for reasons that will become obvious.

I used to pick him up regularly from his infants school as his mother, my sister is a waste of space. One day his teacher pulled me to the side and pulled out a picture he had drawn, took me a moment to realize what I was seeing before it focused into a picture of a woman with blood around her and needles scattered around. Teacher was very concerned and I mean borderline calling police and social services and not letting him leave with me.

I asked my nephew who is about 6 at the time what is this about, he explains this is what his mommy looks like most nights, I break down crying the teacher breaks down crying I call social services myself from the headmasters office they place him in my care as a temporary measure and investigate.

Turns out my sister had started to take heroin via needles and accidentally broke a vein one night hence the blood. 6 years later and I don’t know if she is clean but my nephew lives with me and my family as if he is my own and he has never been happier.

His now former teacher is a good family friend and regularly comes around and brings her kids.” — jcjcjcj


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