25 People On The Eerie Experience That No One Believes They’re Telling The Truth About

Some stories are too terrifying to believe. But these people from Ask Reddit swear they’re telling the truth.
Unsplash / Jan Senderek
Unsplash / Jan Senderek

1. My psychic friend saw a dead man with red eyes

“Friend is jogging on the same route she takes every day, around a large and rather deep pond. This particular morning as she gets on the trail and approaches the pond, she has a stray thought, ‘This place has been famous for suicides.’

Less than a minute later, on the side of the trail she sees a man’s dress jacket. A bit later, a tie. She’s getting worried. Further ahead, there’s the pond, and … a dead body is floating face down near the shore.

She turns around and sprints back to the main road, chanting a Buddhist sutra out loud. She calls the police and then needs to wait to give a statement, and when that’s done, she heads home, feeling quite upset. Here the day gets stranger still. I should say that my friend is very sensitive, perhaps slightly psychic.

She lives in an apartment building with two units that share a common front door and area for removing shoes and such. As she comes in, she notices an unfamiliar pair of men’s shoes there, quite wet. Weird. But probably the neighbor’s …

She goes up to her apartment and after a short while hears a knock on her door. She opens it… and a man is standing at her door, in work clothes without jacket and tie, soaking wet, and smiling at her with red eyes. She screams and slams the door.

She is 100% sincere about this, and despite the sensitivity mentioned, is a very clear and rational person.” — ClayBoots

2. I worked at a haunted museum where hangings used to occur

“When I worked at a museum, we were told we couldn’t tell guests that the museum or the historic house were haunted even though everybody who worked there had at least one ghost experience.

Mine happened in the middle of the day on a slow Saturday. I had a guest tell me that our costumed interpreter was crying. We had nobody in costume today so I am confused. Head upstairs and can hear the sobbing, as I round the corner of the first half of the stairs I can see a woman with blonde hair wearing a blue civil war style dress. Maybe she got in through a side door I thought and since I live in a big Civil War area, her clothes aren’t surprising. As I keep up the steps, another guest asks me a question about a portrait that is on the landing of this two section spiral staircase. By the time I turned around, my crying lady was gone.

Found out later that while the building had always functioned as a Court House before it turned into a museum, it also use to house a jail and the area for local hangings was visible from the window the crying woman was looking toward.” — NatureEidolon


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