21 Women Talk About The Creepiest Phone Call They’ve Ever Received


Yesterday I got a weird call from what sounded like an angry man shooting about how I had scratched his car and it was all on camera. I hung up because I figured it was a scam. But I just so happened to be teaching my SO how to drive at that exact moment so it was really bizarre and I was for a moment terrified my SO had hit something despite us just doing circles in an empty carpark.

— destria


I work as a receptionist! We get tons of sales calls and 1800 numbers calling, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a sale call or not. Once, we got a phone call from a 1800 number and the man on the phone had a heavy accent. He asked for my boss (and completely butchered his name, like most telemarketers do) and I told him that he wasn’t in the office and offered to take a message. He didn’t want to give me a message or leave a voicemail for my boss. I said, if this is a sales call we aren’t interested, but thank you anyway! and hung up.

He immediately called back and was shouting “YOU MUST APOLOGIZE FOR HANGING UP ON ME!” he sounded really aggressive and his tone/wording was kind of strange. I politely said I didn’t like his tone, and again I offered to put him through to my boss’s voicemail. He said no, and shouted at me “THIS ISN’T A SALES CALL! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?” and I said “no, but I know this is a sales call.” and to which he replied (with an evil villain laugh, I swear) “Hehehe, in three days you will find out who I really am!” and he hung up.

I was SO bewildered and SO freaked out? I googled the number and found nothing. I decided to keep the number written down on a sticky note in my desk drawer in case he called back. I was so worried about what might happen in three days. My boss had no clue who it could have been, and wasn’t familiar with the phone number. Nothing ever happened, and he never called back.

— laneloveslipstick

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